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You experience as a traveler and would be you. Could i talk about the ethnography. The history when you look at the behest panels. They tell other stories some of them some of them just a little bit of our sense of humor. Let's call it the first levin humor what it is what. What's funny panel. That is a little bit triveni state but its present is before me to this is this is way before to me before it is There's a cousin carrying his old wife in evolve in basket on his back and his carrying her to a mill and she would be dropped into the mirror and a new young. Fresh wife comes out the other end. Okay they don't exist anymore but that would be before me. But there's all sorts and honey is something hunters important additional. It's vitamin d And it was important before there was sugar absolutely. I mean it was before sugar came to our neck of the woods. Honey was so. You're very likely to stumble onto beehive culture. You're also very likely to come upon some beautiful lakes. Sasha what's what's We have a couple of famous lakes. I would say the two most famous ones are lake. Balkan lake blit those are also the ones that are most visited. You see one photograph of slovenia. It's probably going to be led with the island and the church on absolutely. Yes yeah that would be an iconic view of of living absolutely so visited. We'll see the capital. Lana go to lake bled. And they'll get on. One of the traditional boats described those boats. You would think so going to the only slovenian island which sits on the lake. You will take What we call a plate boat one of the few lesions back home that are still being transferred from father to son and his way back into time of maria. Teresa so many licensed partner if i'm not mistaking there's twenty two of them at the moment And it's a what we call a house right so is given to a house address You simply cannot have a boat on the lake. Not you're not able to have applicable on the lake. If you don't belong to that household and i had to negotiate with those guys with tv crew when we were there because they know the tv crew wants to get the platinum known going out to the island where the church. I wondered how the negotiation was. Well they seem to be quite tough. They're tough they're tough. They know how to negotiate. But you gotta do it and they know that and and the tina when you get to the island. There's a famous tradition for people who are married newly married just before they get married. The groom the future groom needs to carry the bright up ninety nine stairs. They believe if they are successful with carrying the wife up the marriage will be done. Well if not. It's better to run away when you still have time when you still have time. Yeah and when you get to that church on top of the hill on the island and of course you have seen beautiful new ring. The bell of wishes as well which brings lucky in love and it brings also children. So there's a rope through this. Yes that yes end for children getting married. You can walk around the lake. That's a nice hike. Yeah it's a nice hike. Local sweep still do it almost three or four times a week and kilometers. It's only about only takes about an hour for local senate takes about two to tourists because they take pictures we don't anymore. That's right final resort. There's kind of a resort on the lake my memory of the resorts everybody sitting there and during the view eating your famous cream cake. The claims data. Of course you have to the cream cake. That's nice cream cake. That goes back to like grandma's actually goes back to tito's the as she does do and he was the one who introduced it because he wanted to serve it to the people who came on a official visit. He didn't want to repeat. After the brits tito was the Like famously the the most yugoslavian person the one person could rive above all the little differences in this country of eight or ten ethnic regions together and He the communist rule that brought yugoslavia together. He has a a former mansion on the lake. So he must've enjoyed lake bled. He really enjoyed it because he was an avid hunter so a lot of forest solo around and he always came just because he enjoyed also being in the company of many slovenians. He liked to brag a little bit. About how well he's doing with the beauty of lake blade. It was just a commonplace to bring his visitors over there and saint like slovenian. He really liked slovenian. See i i would say of all the former republics that were belonging to yugoslavia. We were the ones who were very much in character. Like dramatic very hard very punctual and he liked so. That was a sad. Because you were more dramatic birth. We're really and we many people who come to slovenia say. Oh my god. This is germany austria or switzerland austria speaking a slavic language. And no mozart. Yeah that's right. I think we're a bit more children. The austrians but how we can talk about that. There's a little bit of rivalry over there okay. Salzburg in libya are just like sister cities. Quite easy to visit from each other. This travel with rick steves. We're talking about nature in slovenia and we're joined by tour guides. Tina and social groups are phone. Number's eight seven seven. Three three three seven four to five and martinez calling in from atlanta martinez. Thanks for the call. Hi rick i'm so glad to speak with you. i spoke with tina actually before my trip to slovenia i guess about a year ago and we talked about driving into the julian alps. I love mountains. It didn't go as planned but Something else really. Fun happened I heard you speak about Like bullying and of course we saw like bleh but we sort stumbled upon like bohemian. And i loved it because it didn't feel as touristy as like glad like blood was great. We did the boats. We hung out at a Dock and swim but it was really really crowded Like bohemia was not it was just felt unspoiled. We were on a beach Rocky beach and Maybe there were Five or six groups picnicking but it was really felt like it was our to explore and we also stumbled upon a cable car. I always liked getting up high. This cable car vogel cable car was called took us way up to the top of the mountain and again just gorgeous views. We hung around up at the top and then just hiked down. And i mean i was really unexpected so beautiful. You know martina disor listeners. Know for sure. We're talking about lake bohemian. And that's b. o. H. i. n. j. is that right. Tina that's boeing and there's two famous lakes lake bled be led The past tense of bleed and that would be where all the tourists are. And then like bohemian. It feels to me like a national park where there's very little commerce. It's hikers and people in enjoying the the natural setting and it sounds like martinez. You enjoyed just hanging out at the lake. I really really did. It was just pristine and as you say not as a tourist at as like blad although like bled marks i mean you gotta you gotta see that. Think you're right lake bohannon.

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