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I mean, he should have been retiring now. I'm incredibly grateful that somebody would do something like that. It's an amazing thing he did and I'm certain he saved lives. And congressional cemetery Nick eying Ellie WTO news. Should Maryland's attorney general have more independent power to prosecute police officers? That is the question this week before Maryland lawmakers who have apparently been discussing the bill to increase the AG's authority over law enforcement by letting that person press charges. Right now, the attorney general is already required to investigate when someone is injured or dies when the police were involved, but it's still up to local prosecutors to decide whether to press charges. Stay tuned. Under arrest, this morning accused of stabbing his mother to death. When Prince William county police got to the regency apartments on shallow creek loop, they found the woman outside. She'd been stabbed in the neck. Police say they learned the person who did it was her son, a witness, saw him walking along train tracks near Bristol road, when officers first approached he ignored them and kept walking, he finally stopped and was taken into custody. Darien hunter wildes charged with murder and stabbing during a felony in the death of his mother, Jennifer Nicole Marshall. You are listening to one O 3.5 FM in WTO P dot com. Hiring the right talent is my number one priority for my growing company. I used to believe that if you post it, they will come was the only way to recruit new employees. However, after months of being ghosted by candidates, and having more empty chairs than employees made me fire the dot coms and reach out to 2060 digital. Their team of experts created and managed a custom marketing strategy to

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