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The NASDAQ continues to be up tech stocks doing pretty well today, rebounding with the NASDAQ thirty-three points higher nearing the clothes and the Dow up sorry down eighty six points. Dow down eighty six and the S and P five hundred down nine net. Flicks plans to borrow another two billion dollars to help pay for the exclusive series and movies that its management credits for helping it real in mill. Millions of new subscribers the additional debt load isn't a surprise net. Flicks has been spending more than its business generates since its expansion into original programming. Elon Musk says that he's planning to offer free rides through a tunnel that he board under a Los Angeles suburb to test a new type of transportation system. Musk said the tunnel is almost complete and there will be an opening on December tenth tunnel runs about two miles under the streets of Hawthorne, where musk space x headquarters is located money news at twenty and fifty past every hour here on KOMO upcoming. We will have the latest on the impact of roadwork on Aurora in north Seattle. Our traffic's on the way guardian antioxidants and welches concord grape juice aren't just anti oxidant. Nah, they hate oxidants welches antioxidant tracked down those nasty oxidants find their leader and beat it to a sniveling oxidant pulp in front of all the other oxidants. So they slink away like scared puppies. And you never have to worry about them ever again. That's a welches antioxidant the world's toughest antioxidants welches. Toughest graves. What if a leading healthcare university helped you lead change what if it has your degree also advanced public health what if innovative education turned you into an innovator in the field?.

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