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Welcome back rafale sign with us to look ahead to the big game in the bundesliga this weekend borussia dortmund against the vine munich graf let's start with doorman start this season so well so positively yet in the league just last week weekend they lose against hannah ammo eyecatching is that awful four in the champions league where they can even be apple well what's going on i know i mean those chapa against her quite embarrassing not just the results but also the man of the performance is certainly the game in cyprus open awful at home off or they actually did enough lib unlucky in front of goal abomey young just doesn't seem to find the net at the moment and as a result they suffer and there's that kind of insecurity vulnerability at the back that kind of pervades the whole team and you never know how many goals you need to scott front because you might concede three or four the back and they're they're kind of just a little bit imbalance and i think that's infecting their form and then it comes to kind of selfperpetuating problem lack of confidence tactical problems technical problems lack of confidence and peter bosh being like so many managers absolutely dogmatic and saying nothing wrong with the system is just the players are not getting a right at the moment i finesse an interesting argument to make as long as the players themselves believe it nothing is getting into dangerous territory here if they lose a few more games the players might actually say you're not your tactics are wrong all we can't do it so something will have to change to not quite there yet but it's a tricky tricky position for him to be in if you're in that dressing room boys and you've got beat up on command saying there's nothing wrong with a system yet you're seeing the sort of performance is how much is down to the pious is down to the new you never want you to monitor blaming the player.

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