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This a comment by Mexico's president about needing to deal with the root causes Oscars because most of these migrants on actually from Mexico just passing through from places like Honduras and got Amada. Yes. That's correct. The majority of migrants arriving at the US border actually coming from Central American countries. And in many cases have actually surpassed Mexican nationals arriving crossing the border, particularly the case in Guatemala, which is a nationality. This far far exceeded Mexicans arriving at the border in recent years. Now, the view of the Mexican president is that if you want to the numbers of people leaving countries like Salvador, Honduras, traveling through Mexico to get to the United States, then you need to boost economic development in Central America and create an incentive for them to stay with all the couple of days ago. The US State Department said it wanted to halt aid payments to Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador. That's right. And that's really going to create a problem not just for the Central American countries themselves, which as you mentioned are suffering from poverty and also extreme violence, which without some kind of financial support. There just aren't going to improve and migration isn't going to stop. But it's also going to create intense friction between Mexico and the United States because Mexico's policy in lupus, those policy has always been, you know, we need to support the Central American countries financially to curve migration. And so the Trump administration's moved to cut that financial aid not only goes against what these countries needs. But also kind of a slap in the face to love about who's kind of accuracy into to President Trump in the hopes that this kind of financial aid and support for Central American countries would come from the us well in indeed, I mean, Mexico's president has often said know he doesn't want to be drawn into a war of words with dummies. Trump. But but this time when when Mr. Trump's as the weekend lying shot the border, Mr Lewis overdose..

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