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So, you know, these little girls. So that girl scout cookies, and you gotta try to sell them. It's tough it's competitive, but look at this one so smart, she lives in Toronto girl scout just to sell the cookies now, you know, they legalized marijuana cannabis in Toronto, she sets up her little girl scout cookies stand right outside the cannabis store sales through the roof people buying dozens of boxes, she's brilliant. This is going to be the next Jeff Bezos this kid also now you got Sears closing all these stores. They got a hundred and forty two stores and the most of the time they're in malls. They're not standalone stores are usually in a mall shopping center and the. Sears is big. So it's usually one of the what they call the anchor stores now they're gonna close forty to these stores. So a lot of these malls are upset it's not gonna look for good for the mall to have the anchor store have huge going out of Business Store closing banners. It kills morale for the mall. Although all these malls are dying. And nobody knows what they're gonna do. You know, when they build a shopping center a big shopping mall. It takes years to plan, and that's fifteen years in the planning before you even see it. So for instance, in Norwalk, Connecticut, there's a mall that's about to open right off ninety five. It's huge. It was. Bloomingdale's? It's going to have a nordstrom's. It's gonna have a Neiman, Marcus. It's gonna well. This was all planned fifteen years ago when there's still a retail business. I I would imagine everybody is in court right now trying to get the hell out of this deal. And not do this who will. It's gonna be a big empty mall. They'd be better off a converting it to a commuter train parking or something, then they could make some money, you know, in fifty seven th street, this the nordstroms men's store that opened I in Manhattan. Yes. That's the little one men. Don't shop that much with the big thing is the nordstroms women shop it's not open yet. You know supposed to open about the same time. It's not open yet. And I imagine they're going very slow on construction. Don't want to open this thing anymore. Neiman Marcus is supposed to open in the new Hudson yards on the west side, first name and Marcus in Manhattan. But again that deal was signed probably ten years ago. Now, there is no reason on earth to open any big store in Manhattan. You're not gonna make any money retail is dead. I don't know about that. You don't know about that? Go into a good store. I mean Neiman Marcus is not like Sears empty all day. If you listen if you're a fugitive, and you gotta hide Neiman, Marcus Westchester mall. Nobody ever comes in there. I've been in this nobody ever in there. I hate to say it, but you walk into the finest stores Bergdorf Barneys, all you see are dozens of sales people no customers and the sales people on the on the phone just just looking at their phone. That's all they do all day. Very sad. Now, there's certain stores, you know, like Zara and some of the Uniqlo that's very low priced and great stuff, but low prices, those are packed all the time. But all the old old school stores just empty all the time, you know, finally landlords are starting to give in a little normally don't give in on rent, but not only are coming down and rent because it's a big problem for all the buildings the first floor of every building is empty. There's no retail your the finest shopping street Manhattan, Madison Avenue in the sixties walk up and down there. Two thirds of the stores are empty so landlords are now even on fifty seventh street and other places allowing monthly rent. They've never done that before. That's why you're seeing a lot of pop up stores all of a sudden you can rent by the month now in space. Totally completely desperate. Let's see. Also, we'll get to Alec Baldwin in a minute. His big talk show week to remember how bad the ratings were week one. Where did you hear about week to raise Alec Baldwin the talk show Sunday nights? Who thought this would work a big fat guy sitting in one of those big overstuffed chairs? Who mumbles who thought that would be a prime time hit? Anyway, we'll get to that. We'll get to the ratings on that. We'll get to lots of stuff. We'll get this. A star is born. We'll get to what's going on CBS and more coming up and Harvey Weinstein. Roger Freeman the great entertainment reporter will be with us on seven ten W O R, but first let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Bartlett marked the remains of journalist Jamal kashogi reportedly have been found Sky News reports they were discovered in the garden of the Saudi council general's home. The Turkish president meanwhile, says kashogi was viciously killed disputing Saudi account. That was an accident. FBI investigating an explosive device found at the Westchester, home of democratic donor. George soros. It was discovered in his mailbox by an employee in detonated by the bomb. Squad Soros was not home at the time and no-one served. It's debate day for governor Cuomo and Republican Mark Molinaro. The only scheduled showdown between the two comes exactly two weeks before election day polls show Cuomo up by some twenty points next update at eleven breaking news. One. Start your day with Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning six ten tomorrow. I'm Joe Bartlett on seven ten W.

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