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Travelled to india and had many of his his arm i guess his his teachings influenced by some of the eastern practices that he discovered over there and other this book is obviously about a lot more now but but because of that recommendations i'm i'm actually about a quarter of the way through that book autobiography of a yogi but this this book specifically regarding cancer this quantum dr the sounds fascinates on the right up the alley of the kind of stuff on paul looking into when it comes to energy medicine and an in physics and consciousness in healing the body oil love omelettes stuff is just amazing sending to kendall after this podcast as full as so you'll ride all what you're that you're fred's theory about living in india there is records of him at a temple in india there's records of him spending five or ten years that a law the stare into bat i mean they have all kinds of written stories about it so what i loved about pera behinds yogurt aga was that all i had studied dow wisdom of buddhism in zanan and everything known to man i was not a spiritual path when i was learning chinese herbs and what i realize what i found his stuff was that he was blending yoga and christianity and showing you that it was the same thing that it really was just different points of view of how things happen in fact he's got a book the the second coming of jesus christ which is so fascinating he just explains the gospels from a point of view of a girl rue an end having students as just very fascinating stop i realized that all the things i had a gets jesus had nothing to do with dumb him had to do with the way they teach so i became a lover of christ from reading up from studying with pera hasi yoga nonda really just a fascinating way of looking at things but in in uh alits book in the baga by gita the.

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