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Booze of the week okay that's not the O. O. Z. eat it up no as in both all dealing with the Astros first of all owner Jim Corrine who actually said the electronic device did not have an impact on the game that was ridiculous totally ridiculous all manner of the G. he then there's astro shortstop Carlos Cordero who backed by the way was born Carlos Carrera Oppenheimer yeah his mother was sandy bell Oppenheimer yes do not he said Jose Altuve they didn't take off his Jersey after the home run off a roll this Chapman was not because he had a buzzer attached to his body but he had an ugly unfinished tad tune Warner's collar bone that explains it and I didn't want people to see it well it well and did commissioner number three rob man free old check out to maybe to see if he had the unfinished sad to know he said it's it's something I haven't thought about manatee and hearts and flowers I mean this is terrible man freed says wait a minute sympathy for the players if you watch the players faces they're dealing with what they have had to deal with they've already paid a price I don't know why he's getting a lot of grief in a lot of quarters rob man for the commissioner of baseball that he to because he didn't in a penalize any of the players that was thought that he would want to challenge the players union but my goodness yeah yeah word with a Hank Aaron said they should be thrown out for life my route the great angels player very critical of the S. those players in all I can think of it's a good thing judge can a shawl Landes run band the white Sox white Sox black Sox scandal he's not commissioner because the guys would be gone political Hey wait a minute how about Yankees newly acquired right hander Gerrit Cole display he was sitting in the astro dug out for two years on the days he wasn't pitching many times he knows nothing about it I don't know why would a bag of the garbage can I were making music I don't know but here's the final here's the question maybe for your friend a Jeffrey Lichtman who's a big Ole yes fan yeah yes criminal attorney yeah all their enough disgruntled opposing pitchers who were cheated out of earnings and even sent to the minors to file a class action suit for damages an unfair business practices will this one guy who who apparently picks against the Astros was terrible got sent down never made it back and he is suing big time but I think he he wants the money to go to charities and things but there is at least one pitcher who's come for now the other question is are these pictures on other teams in the throat the Astros players for spite once the season begins well that's interesting you bring it up Las Vegas has odds for everything including this one the average team was hit sixty six times last year by purchase their over under this year for the Astros Hodges eighty three times yeah so Hey how much is the former red Sox right fielder Mookie Betts worth to the Vegas odds make well he was just the traded to the Dodgers right before the Dodgers acquired bets the Dodgers were six to one to win the World Series with the acquisition of bets there are now three and a half to one really one layer and based on really yeah and the Yankees who were five to one before they got Gerrit Cole are now three to one well I can see a picture having a big effect I don't know interesting the one player would have that any any good movies though the Oscars are done you soon even did see one but you see it was terrible what was it what was down hill the Julia Julia Louis Dreyfus and the will Ferrell move yes a scale of one to ten I would give it a Z. minus that's and I knew it was going bad I went to a two thirty show yesterday were only five other people in that the postal movie at two thirty you old people in Florida the water did you read the reviews they were great for it no yes our guide Joe knew Martin thing was too bad I was going to do said no we don't lose these Friday the movie was only an hour and a half and that was too long you know I feel bad I felt bad for a will Farrell I mean he's a clever gadis see usually very funny he reminded me of a poor man's Chevy Chase I could see that and I'll tell you another thing they don't play off each other the two of them rarely a Louis Dreyfus and will Ferrell so if you say so so warning you read the review and says this movie sucks so you said I'm going to see it anyway two thirty the afternoon most of it with the weather bad yesterday what was going on what what what well there is some this is worse I saw the previews coming attractions yeah five movies I will never seen in my life and they are all all five were horror films involving kids or teenagers why would why would a link that up with that movie is same studio I guess is why they do the previews but that's easy guys talking about squeegee yes yeah and and how out of touch land is about I just said I was heard by which showed why parotid they they though dot to come over I I did the same thing really can't coming in the same time as you did to accuracy yeah you have to write and did it work for you well I used to to the west side highway getting off at the west fifty seventh street sure so if you were stopped it was stoplight eerie calms the squeezing guy hi the same guy anything really messed up he would mess up my windshield I turn on the wipers like land nice sometimes say no thanks or I would let him do it say thank you and not paying that would discourage you all right no it didn't so one day hi you know it's one of those I just got fed up here he is again you know when you tell somebody no they shouldn't try to force it on you true so I tell him no and he still does it I got so man I got out of the call Warner big mistake yeah and grabbed his squeegee stick well and here we are on the west side highway wrestling I wish you had iPhones back then power man I'd love to see that one of the design and throws Dick into the Hudson River the light changes enrollment in the home the car's home phone I get back in the car I go home at the at the late show tell my wife she said you know what that problem that guy maybe he recognized you and he could be waiting for you to mark to sue you if you got so you know what the next day when a different way I drove all I drove down and he didn't do anything and he says to me how come you didn't try to grab my stick I said I'm not made today yeah that was in wow wow show down a Black Rock with Warner as spent a C. I wish I could see the video out without all right thanks what are going to talk to you all right gentlemen are I want to be there be careful water out there Naples with the switching well you know maybe talk that's right Hey when we get back Anthony Weiner has resurfaced well exactly but some parents don't want him around and the other question is is this the end for the Boy Scouts coming up next good morning I'm pretty Wakeman with your W. O. R. traffic.

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