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Are let's get to pop culture, Tuesday and quick little audible is I got a note from an old high school buddy of mine, by the way. So Ross black port if you're listening you prompted this in old high school buddy of mine sent me a note last night. And this is pop culture Tuesday. We look at the intersection between pop culture and conservatism each Tuesday here on the show for a segment, and he wanted to know what were the top three resurrection movies for family viewing. He says that I haven't seen the passionate and it sound. But I'm wondering if it might be a little too much for my ten year old. All right. So I gave him three just off the top my head. And I didn't have a lot of time to research this. The the passion would be number one. I think we've probably all would agree. It's too intense for a ten year old. Thank my two oldest daughters. Saw it when they were around twelve ready for it. I one right now who's eleven and just her. She's not ready for it. Yeah. Noah saw for the first time in eleven last year. The other the girls didn't see it until they were twelve so, but in I there's certain things we just know kids shouldn't see. And then there's a lot of things when you ask me. Well, my twelve year olds I don't know your twelve you know, this one I'm pretty good pretty cool with saying at the very least ten is too young to see this movie. Yeah. I think that's okay. But but it would be number one on the list number two just off top my head. That's a recent movie. If you've not seen the movie risen with Joseph fines risen is great. I mean, it is a it's a remarkable film. And it tells the story of the resurrection through the eyes of a a Roman investigator who is set to investigate the soldiers that allowed the the the body of this. You know, troublesome carpenter from Nazereth to be taken. So that his followers could claim was reser. Erected. And so it follows the resurrection. But from the other side of the of the looking glass, and you know, I've I've kind of. Shown a penalty to like stories the do things like that. Okay. So arisen is exceedingly well written Josephine's as is it's exceedingly well acted. So I would highly recommend that. And that's that would absolutely be fine for a ten year old. Yes. Okay. And then I threw one in just specifically that's kid oriented, this one's about twenty years old. And I forgot that Raytheon's was actually in this one. Okay. So if you're looking for something that is directly for kids. And of course, you have all the classic veggietales stuff as well. But the miracle maker was was something that came out nineteen ninety nine two thousand and Ray fines place Christ in this. And it's fairly it. I haven't seen. It instance, our kids were little, but from what I can remember the orthodoxy. And this is pretty good. I haven't seen it. Yeah. And and it uses a lot of. Modern animation slash kind of what you see with the LEGO movies kind of things at the same time from what I remember. So since I got this last night. I just thought I and I responded to it old high school buddy of mine. I thought I'd share it with the rest of the audience. If you're looking for things or tips that stuff to watch I've got on my DVR at home. I'm gonna try to watch them this weekend. But there's a series on Jesus his life that was recommended by several people whose opinions I respect, and I think it was done by history or the Discovery Channel. Oh, well, and that's normally why I'm out. Yes. Normally, I would be like you mean the ancient alien..

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