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Com slash marketplace, or download the APP. None of the NFL facing covert Kansas, city beat the Patriots last night twenty, six to ten in a game delayed day after Patriots quarterback Cam Newton a practice quarterback for Kansas City tested positive for covid. Some NFL teams are assessing week by week if they'll let some fans back in. As sixteen did for home openers that means altering the setup at stadiums greg. Laughlin from W snow. In fact case you are in Kansas City reports nate apple is an architect for H. Okay. A Kansas City firm that designs stadiums and other venues. He says he's been busy the last several months on projects to guard against the spread of covid nineteen at football venues. How were restrooms facilities going to operate from physically distant standpoint? Our concession stands GONNA operate. What is our maximum ability to populate the seating bowl in a physically distance scenario h okay. Designed to Mercedes. Benz Stadium in Atlanta the Falcons decided not to have fans at home games in September now h okay. Is mainly working with big college football programs as for the NFL picture. Chiefs, Kingdom. This trophy, he belongs to you. That's chairman of the. Board for the Kansas City football team Clark Hunt Sharing Shiny Super Bowl, trophy moment with the fans September tenth before the NFL season opening kickoff at Arrowhead Stadium. Those cheers were from sixteen thousand masked fans in a seventy five thousand seat venue. The team's President Mark Donovan says, they wanted some fans round. There was a big driver on figure out a way to get our fans in safely. They need to be part of this. The team worked with populous and other Kansas City architectural firm to make changes down of a new that other. NFL teams still figuring out their plans would be watching. We take the responsibility very seriously the Kansas City health department, and the team later announced that a fan tested positive for covid nineteen the day after the game according to the team that fan was then compliance with the stadium rules while entering the stadium with a face mask wearing masks through the whole game mandatory the City Health Department directed ten people who were at the game to quarantine for exposure. It's up to each NFL team to determine its own fan policy in Kansas City. I'm Greg Klin for marketplace. Teens. Did Not do their usual level of spending going into this fall. It's dropped nine percent to the lowest in two decades according to Piper Jaffrey's yearly taking stock with teens report does this mean has been permanent cultural shift away from consumerism and toward what really matters in life among people average age sixteen or is it the pandemic l.? Let you answer that? For a wrap up of today's economic news listen for my colleague Kyra doll hosted marketplace on many public radio stations or or placed out work. For brancaccio with our. Morning. Report? From APM American public media. Just. In Ho with marketplace, the economy is changing so fast it's hard to keep up. So our latest podcast is here to help it's called the marketplace minute give us just sixty seconds and we'll bring you the latest on what's happening in the economy three times a day market updates business news in hell the numbers, your personal economy. We'll tell you what you need to know and why it matters just ask your smart speaker to play the marketplace minute or find it wherever you get your podcasts..

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