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On the Empire podcast this week. We have our engines with James Mangled. Talk about lemon sixty six. Everyone's reaction action. The movie is Oh I know what this is just to our car ad within. We know exactly how it's going to add and I'm like well I couldn't give less of a shit about the cars and it doesn't end like you. I think it does and Chat Sensor with Paul Fig to mark the release of his new movie. Last Christmas I loved the script so much and there was like Oh and the ad bonuses. We think we can go live in London all all this and the usual movie news reviews nonsense on the only movie. PODCAST that has received a sonic the hedgehog style makeover and now looks fifty percent less horrified. Hello I'm Helen Harris and I'm once again stepping into the enormous clown shoes of Chris Hewitt who is so unaccustomed to taking leave which he did last week that it actually made him ill so I'm afraid he is now home with the Lurgi and we wish him all the best for speedy recovery. And in the meantime the PODCAST is mine. Oh I am sorry. I'm here hello. I'm joined by two colleagues of such lethal cutting. I is our west winger a man who insists every single single morning that young man bring him the finest muffins and Bagels in all the land and calls every single vessel from which he drinks the Cup of glory. It's James Dyer. In fact drinking from Cup of Glory. Yes it's funny like my my. My introductions have never ever evolves from the West Wing that's that's essentially into no although I will say Helen it's the Keg of glory more than the Catholic Lord. Wow I'm drinking from the Cup of glory but I like to think Josh Josh. Lyman will always be drinking from the KEG glory. Well he is a lot better than new. So this is in a frat boy we also have with as you may have heard him. In the backyard's I'm a woman who such enormous fan of the Lion King that his stay doesn't start until he's been to London Zoo. Hoist a baby animal. Whatever into the air until for Rock and wait until all the other animals bow? Did you know that so it takes him hours sometimes this is true. He doesn't even deny it. Must be zookeepers if you've been wondering what's going on it's definitely nice so yes we're here at least we don't have the LURGI. Are we Lurgi free. I'm lucky free free now. This is good Hurrah okay. Hey well done us for clean living in washing our hands lots. Shall we have a question. Sure let's during Helen. Okay so this comes from Carl Jackson. WHO's on twitter at Carl from wolves and he asks what other Christmas songs would you like to see turned into films? Obviously this week sees the release of last Christmas which does feature last Christmas Christmas by one and other music George Michael and Williams. What other Christmas songs to we want to see ooh Hertel New York. The old is already a film right. Is that story though. Oh God no no what you mean is a you know homophobic and what. I don't believe it is now. I think the film L. Mississippi is fine. I mean it's not fine. It's terrible but isn't homophobic that I'm aware of okay. This is the songs been canceled. The film has not been canceled. The Pharmacist roundabout word in the song has has been cancelled and song has not been canceled. Played though many more like it doesn't get listed because it was a bit. There was a big hall. Wasn't that sounds cancelled what what would use okay. Let me let me bring a Christmas song. Say I have to so one of them Santa Baby as a sequel to the boss baby. No I'm thinking I'm thinking actually the sequel to the Christmas chronicles. Because hus what I'm imagining will happen at some point own firm. SANTER CO assault senator baby which means that. What Kurt Russell is turned out? 'cause like Santa Baby and someone's trying to seduce sexy Santa Kurt Russell into giving them presents. I was super with you but super sexy sons Kurt. Russell turns NHS into a baby. Though it gets better it gets veteran so super sexy Santa Baby and because of that Goldie Hawn on Mrs Center has to step in to save Christmas really. It was just engineering to get. Because who wanna see that Goldie Hawn Asante do wanna see Goldie Hawn and Santa but I I feel like we are missing the potential of the song because apart from the name I feel like it's not a very baby centric song. Did you know by the way that that song has a sequel. So what there is a sequel called this year teenager. You're still acting like the song about babies guys. You need to get past the idea that the song is connected to baby. There's a sequel recalled this year sends a baby also by the case and it basically genuinely you can look it. Up is The story of how all the gift she got the previous year turned out to be rubbish and she needs new replacements. Placements wrought the world's most entitled Christmas Song Never Sons. A baby is a song where she's basically trying to seduce Sunday into giving her an enormous amount of some very rich presence. Diet for me that is genuinely a film that I think somebody should make an I would like see if they have because I think that could it ended up being a porn film Helen. No I don't think it would have to. I think you just need a sort of you need to kind of Marilyn Monroe fifties kind of. I've been a good girl this year. I just know and we need to sort of bad Santa Crossover well Lula Gilmore's gang fuck me scientific Santorin. I just don't need that in my brain. I just feel like there's a way to do this. I feel like it's a dying with love kind kind of Marilyn Monroe gentlemen FRY belongs Kinda thing. The could sort of work. I'm not saying I've ironed all the kinks yet. I think it could work. Okay Sir my second one. I'm still working out the particulars on once. Isis settled on this title. I'll be home for Christmas Bing. Crosby awesome okay. So stay with me but I'm thinking this opens up on the former COP in prison. Wrongfully convicted talk. You flavonoids a gritty students. There is one month away from getting out of jail talking to his family. In one of those things promising the heels they home for Christmas is going to be home for Christmas togas. This is why I took his two daughters tenure water. You'll be home for Christmas. One month later day he gets out. Is Christmas Eve. This and that is how how the media began thinking too low. I think it should be a sequel to the wages of fear. I mean it's all be home for Christmas or bits of meat will be smeared across the landscape. Like it's that's that's the level. You should be pushing this up now. full of Christmas spirit there. Well let me think what other what other I just wanted to say if anybody is listening to this any Hollywood producers the mind twenty percent the twenty percent the little the little drummer boy. I'm thinking a love. Actually spinoff starring Thomas Brady sangster's character right you have to. You'd have to see you a youth him that we D H Him. That's no problem. I think that could work. Santa Claus is coming to town well. That's almost certainly porn Komo you fatal. Probably so is uh-huh Mary's boy child coup drama about a woman could marry here. Okay moving on from that Jingle Bell Rock. It's the rock climbing jingle rebels sign. I couldn't be more. I have my own suggestion. One of my favorite Christmas songs and I'm not kidding is called Maliki Makah. Ah which is a Hawaiian Christmas song. which was recorded in the fifties as a standard? If you hear it if you look it up you will find. It's kind of spelled like it. Sounds Melika Kalikimaka and it is great. I don't have to go with this but I think it's important that I go to Hawaii for Christmas to research is so a Hollywood producers. If you're listening if you're not sure by giving I'm on twenty percent of your next film give me. I don't even need twenty percent. I just need the budget ago. So why for Christmas and research my undoubtedly hit navy. I'm saying if we don't want to be constrained by songs in which just pitching Christmas movies to Hollywood would. I'm just saying Christmas. Fallen Jerry Butler I. Who can we get to record? The theme Chin like Adele Dowell singing. Christmas has fallen. Kinda work right. I think she'd be up for it. I mean celine. Dion did a dead pool song so which is great by the way a great song is better than the most bond songs on this is. I feel like we're onto something here. I feel like some of these could be actual films. Made probably are in development developments. Wouldn't they making like three more. No as many things least off falling and one of them has to be Christmas and that's terrifying in London's fallen angels. Jews have already fallen. That sounds like a Christmas movie. Um Sort of it's a wonderful life isn't it. Yeah it's a wonderful life to angel has fallen uh-huh Colon Donna. Just don't have justice ringing a bell trying to get all the angels backup. That's an wonderful so we don't need more Christmas movies because we already. We have the perfect Christmas movie. Which of course love actually really? I feel that at that point. We can just retire until you're going to say well that was mainly if your own personal benefits reach across the table and I as I have stated before but I will say it again because it needs saying every year. I don't mind if you diehard is just. I just don't think it's clever originals. Pointed out a guys so just FYI. I love actually is certainly a film that happens at Christmas that I mostly like I think most people like bits of it. Everybody lies Amen Thompson bid known I on the Bill Nighy bits on the bill. Nye Bit's okay. Those are pre. Yeah uncontroversial uncontroversial. The rest is a little bit more a love every minute of it with the sole exception of the Kris Marshall. We're GONNA plotline is. It's just a tiny bit of the end. But that's the only part of it that annoys me. I can even deal with the Currently under Lincoln thin creepy as it is now. Yeah she couldn't did do better in that whole thing about that is not so much that he's it's a little bit me too ish but also. His friend entrusted him with photography at his wedding and he fucked it up. Yeah it's terrible isn't it if you haven't seen love love actually we've just given you a whole Lotta spoilers. It's been a few years. I feel like you should have seen it by now. Okay so Hollywood call us. We're waiting for your goals and ready and willing to make the greatest. I think Christmas movies that have ever been made in the meantime while we wait for the phone start ringing. I think it's time for an interview. We have to great writers this week but but since we just talked about Christmas it seems only proper that we start with poll fig he's a comedy genius behind bridesmaids behind freaks and GEEKS ghostbusters spy. I want a sequel over the all spin off Jason Status Character. I need more fires literally. The best film is evident. Spy is is really a great film but this week he brings us last Christmas. Smith's which stars Amelia Clark Yes her from. Game of thrones as a Christmas Shop Elf whose life is in and I think it's fair to say a complete toilets like Ostra disarray. Until that is she meets very handsome. Man Who's played by Henry Golding and I went along talked and find out more about the film. Now full disclosure. I forgot to press record until halfway through our first question so there aren't any friendly greetings at the beginning of this there where they just got slight. Does it just begin with you apologizing Nicole Kidman interview from Ostia. I just I just quietly you know we just did it just before the first question but I didn't actually we didn't him the only completely honest with you on the recording. This can we started going to be honest with you. I'm an idiot. I hope so anyway. Apologies for that but trust me he was a very pleasant man..

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