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San Jose and the unique thing is that they partnered with our position leaders to ensure that other officials that they need would need or need the foundation is still collecting PP and if they have enough extra will be shared with other area hospitals I'm optimistic personally as I see not only our hospital not being full but also seeing their generosity all around us it really makes me feel good at times but other emergency and crisis Wilder says many tech companies and members of the Silicon Valley leadership group have contributed PP hair covering shoe covering surgical an N. ninety five masks ventilators and money to allow the foundation to pivot and get the supplies they need Margie Shafer KCBS the coronavirus is changing and it's mutating and KCBS is Jim Taylor tells us why that may be a good thing maybe you've heard those reports about different strains of the corona virus some may be more virulent than others the fact that we're seeing so many deaths in in New York as opposed to the west coast yeah may actually be related to this type of virus that's entered you know that part of the country Dr Lee Riley infectious disease expert UC Berkeley he says one such mutation in India resulting in the receptive binding domain breaking down that's that's how the virus invades our cells that's true it's a bad news and good news bad news is that if people are making vaccine against that target you may not work because it's it's it's it underwent mutation is not going to recognize the that that site but but it's also the part that the virus used to going to sell sixty mutase then it may not be able to get into cells and that's your silver lining for today Jim Taylor KCBS were starting to see another economic effect of the pandemic KCBS is Melissa Cora says credit card companies are starting to rescue Credit look are starting to reduce credit limits credit card companies.

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