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To mike welcome you're on the ben ferguson show give me your check your take on this happy father's day to you first off sir you as well well thank you god bless tova kids i never had anyway you know you just point that i was gonna make about knowing we bring your child into a situation where you'll be separated from them and that's a beautiful point i have a lot of friends who are mexicans and worked with thoroughbreds for years in these people are legal and and there's a lot of folks from south border who worked with horses there we go and they don't really like the fact that people are sticking in here and now to go through with they went through it takes a long time to become a citizen and they did it the right way and as far as these people get separated from your kids i think he's send the parents home with the kid centreback set them back they don't need to be here one thing i could not take my child if i had one in new mexico and go down the cosmo liquor store and and expect to be separated from my kid and you know so there's really no getting that you you couldn't you can't break into their country and go enroll your kid in their schools and go in their hospitals and get free healthcare like we allow them to do in this country you would be arrested and you would be separated from your children in mexico or any other country in the world basically yet somehow we're acting like we're inhumane believe it or not mexico his wonderful medical services i've got a friend being treated for cancer down here now so when you try to to talk logic to a far left it's like talking to iraq you know there's no is no talking to them you're just we might as well just go.

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