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Touchdown, old mess a great pool. David. Obviously, Snoop Connor was the workhorse. Got us all the way down inside the five and then Matt Corral. Great read. They're on the defensive end. Just simply pulls it one guy to beat. He did it right in the end zone, another touchdown for the rubbles Corral, 381 yards passing and a touchdown. He was 15 of 20 for 280 yards and a touchdown on play. Action is third most play action passing yards in a game in his career 10 of 11 Including the touchdown against the blitz. Ole Miss Cruises past Louisville, 43 to 24 in the game on Monday. Louisville quarterback Malik Cunningham ran for two touchdowns past for another, but context is key. Those came in the second half of the game already decided first half Cunningham was held to 17 yards passing Old miss with a convincing went over Louisville to cap the opening weekend and put an end to what was a brutal week for the C seven losses, including all three ranked teams. All three were on the top 15 1 of the losses. Of course, Clemson falling to Georgia. ESPN reporter Chris Button. I sat there in the mock selection playoff committee in Dallas and, like watch them put three resumes on the board and the strength of schedule plays huge. So unless Florida State can start moving up the rankings unless North Carolina can rebound back and gives them someone else to have some ranked winds over. It's going to be really tough. I'll tell you who probably loved watching Georgia win yesterday. I was Cincinnati because where they sit in the rankings right now, and if they can go undefeated because they have an Indiana team, which didn't look so hot yesterday, and then the only true true test to me will be Notre Dame. They can go undefeated. And if a one loss Clemson team is out there with no ranked winds. Maybe this is the year we see a team from the American and outside the power five find their way into the football playoffs, either. Clemson her Georgia had to lose this weekend, and it's lost for Clemson. Lost to equality opponent but still a loss and Doesn't mean it's not an uphill battle the rest of the way. And not just for Clinton, ESPN Mac Chick the A. C C was eliminated from the playoff yesterday. This is this was not a good weekend for the A C. C. Okay, Here's the problem now for this league. Your three best teams all lost, okay? Not only that, a team, the Clemson team that is supposed to be the best team, which probably still is I mean the gap between Clemson the rest of the A. C. C. I still think it's very sizable, and they could probably went out. But who might they be competing with for a playoff spot? Mean Clemson officially needs help to.

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