Michael Cohen, Democrats, Robert Muller discussed on Lawn and Garden Show


W President Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen testified in front of congress this week in closed sessions now Republicans recusing majority Democrats of influencing Cohen before his appearance in front of the house oversight committee democrat Adam Schiff is on record refusing to even answer if he would accept Robert Muller's conclusions. If the mall report does not find Russian collusion instead shift told CNN last month, he's moving forward with his own house Intel investigation. So that the Russia probe will continue no matter. What Muller fi? So in case you're wondering if this will be a fair. Investigation of the president. Fox's Catherine Herridge has found out as you noted that shifts democratic staff came here to New York four times to meet with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen for over ten hours ahead of his seven hours of public testimony, Republican Carson, Mike Turner told FOX this clearly shows to him the witness was coached inappropriately shifts offices. There was no inappropriate interaction between him and Cohen. They say it's standard witness procedure to go over what's previously discussed in front of congress. A judge has ordered more migrant children to be reunited with their families central. Judge daynuss Abrazos already ordered more than twenty seven hundred migrant children to be reunited with their parents. That order applied to kids who are in custody as of June two thousand eighteen but now the judge expand said order applying it to children separated from their families in twenty seventeen that order comes after a report by the health and human services departments internal watchdog, which says more children may have been. Separated by Trump administration policies since the summer of twenty seventeen the ACLU had sued over the practice of separating children from their parents, saying the administration's devastated these families. The passage of house Bill h r one has many on Capitol Hill wondering if Democrats know what they're doing the house passed a massive package of overhauls to campaign finance ethics and voting rights on a party line vote. Two hundred thirty four Democrats voted for it. One hundred ninety three Republicans voted against it. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is selling it looked.

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