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Their horizontal quick draw fly has been described as life changing and of course all tommy john underwear is backed by the best pair you'll ever wear or it's free guarantee if you don't like the comfort of tommy john it's on them over half a million guys have made the switch to tommy john now it's your turn tommy john no adjustment needed hurry to tommy john dot com slash keep it for twenty percent off your first order that's tommy john dot com slash keep it for twenty percent off tommy john dot com slash keep it now time for the part of the show that we all love it's when we say what we don't like this week we're gonna say keep it to for those of you who don't know what keep it means basically means no thanks i don't want this other words that i won't say because i think we're live we should not be swearing here lewis what are you going say keep it to this week okay this is sort of a complicated keep it you guys i'll play hq the trivia app i feel like the host of that scott regards he gets a lot of flack for being annoying and i wanna say keep it to people who dwell on that because if you're familiar with the app it's a twelve question game in which you play on your phone and it's twelve multiple choice questions and it's the glitziest app ever so this guy is basically forced to vamp constantly and i feel like it's disingenuous to call him annoying for doing ten run on punny jokes than a row which.

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