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Eighteen forty eight hours by Taco Bell talk about turning up the heat with the new steak river ranch fries it's the bold Mexican spices and warm not your cheese sauce you love topped with steak and drizzled with the fiery heat of art Carolina reaper ranch sauce try this route a remix at Taco Bell to date back to the countdown this is American top forty with Ryan Seacrest and and and and the food so this is a very better to lead thirty three and keep it going non stop right now this season twenty one pilots chlorine at thirty two this is a the as you that was a little you know different the last when are you twenty one pilots number thirty two on eighteen of forty or up to thirty one and now that he's collaborated with Taylor swift bringing your has his sights on one of his childhood heroes for his next team up he said the other day be a lifelong dream come true to make music with Green Day because they're one of his biggest inspirations and kind of reason I got into music while.

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