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About that a lot. Last night i was watching that corn blow in the wind and the fireworks going and baseball or getting hit the corn because rain mates comb aren't pace. That's all i was thinking. Last night was beautiful This is america coming together with america's pastime tweeted about how you hated the game and i watched from seventh-inning on everything changed. It was a dream like a dream game for them for fox. Yeah it was like a playoff atmosphere. You know in the middle of summer here. you know. it's not it's not. Everybody felt like it may be true especially there was the middle of iowa when that gangster from montana that changed town digs completely into what town digs has become does a three inning interview and really makes you feel this awesome. This is what i wanna watch. I'm not falling asleep at all. Okay mack jones potentially slicing and dicing. I'm over over there. But then whenever. I came back seventh-inning i was wrong. And i put out numerous up tweaks and that's what twitter is by the way you put out a tweet in the time that you're in that's why the algorithms kind of fucked up that they save it for later. It's like whoa. We're at a much different time. Now this is like a pawn stars thing okay seventh-inning he was awesome eighth inning. Amazing ninth inning spectacular. Somebody tweeted me and said that that ninth inning. We'll be better than fourth quarter in the nfl. This season. that person's a fucking idiot. It was awesome. That was maybe the best. I've ever seen baseball pretty sweet but then you are right. You know the innings. I don't know what's five through eight there. I mean we didn't have any offense but started out with a lot of homes. I mean eight homers in this game was like you know dream scenario. There's no way they could've anticipated it. Did as well as and did the guy that got the job. He does this whenever he's looking at the catcher in before that guy that was kimbrel. Kimberly ever listen awesome. It's like a cobra. Yeah is that what he's trying to do make fox was smart. Snuck in the juiced balls for for this canadian. Need them to corner. Sweat was making off. Tell you what you feel. So you say that kevin. Costner would just wasn't bring juice. It was terrible. It was the worst interview. I've ever heard my entire life inside cuffy's garrett cole interview before that might have been worse he just kevin costner berry joe buck so that was a little bit of free room but it was just the internet but he said a couple of things in there good. I was like what three innings. I'm i went back and back and back here that it was just like i get it field of dreams. He walked through there he did. Great speeches is very motivating. He gave credit to the writers. And everything like that obviously. He's a great thespian okay. I'm a big big fan of kevin costner. The gangster montana. The baseball guy. Bull durham golfer intent. Up on the big waterworld. The i haven't seen that. But i'm a fan all right. I just didn't think you know three innings. He was killer with ashton garnish. Your bra mr brooks dane cook. Yeah that understood. I've watched that movie like ten times because it was the only one that was on this one plane. We flew every single season so as weird. I mean what. What a wildlife there. He's got range okay. He can be drunk picture. It can be a drunk golfer can be better. He can be a goddamn murder okay. I can't kevin costner. Incredible thespian out there but we innings is the equivalent of five house. And that's what it felt like. Whenever he was in there. And i just think they can set him up for failure but aside from that a little bit of a snooze out there but i think ended perfectly again. An electric finish started..

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