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Because i'm have you got an explanation began looking touch and go man. That's crazy that's really fucking out of nowhere should. is this vince. Fire somebody with that medical condition. Yup yup yeah. He would get definitely bicycle. Eighty s before the end of On my end chelsea is correct nano and fucking pregnant. Congratulations on here. That's positive that we'll see them on. Tv for a little bit Jimmy havoc is a deliveryman apparently now since his black yes like up shit like that. In in in in europe in england and the uk he was home to mama. Uh mama mama havoc listen. Hey at least he got a fucking job man. There's some people out there that'll be sitting on their laurels. And bullshit and trying to find god and becoming a born again christian and try to like every way possible to come back into the business. We ri- i respect joey ryan. If i were surgery a person. I would walkaway essay thing because i'm nervous freak bread. I put my mind. I would punch as shit. Fuck that. i'm interviewing that fucker. Hell yeah. i'm putting him on the show Jimmy having mentioned in house deliver man. He got a gig and you know whenever good for him. So that's like bold. you know people like fuck. Yeah good for him. I guess. I guess we can see him now. Really delivering small packages and get it. Hit that crooked really okay. So chelsea green is fighting for her. Ww e. name is never government. That's her real name. What does uh wwe keep going through the same thing as well. So but they're super petty. They're super i chelsea. Greens name does not matter. That could use it again but the fact that they had a fighting for it. It's like oh. I can't with this company. What do you have a main event. The aaa okay so to i go to this. Malachi black apparently broke his bowl seven in seven places. How that happened. That happened in a man's dream. Pa the a nightmare. That's fucking scariest. Fuck match tomasso champa and we're stone into the turnbuckle and her tits sack in seven places I don't wanna sound graphic. I want kinda wanna see how that looks just curious a hell of broken break seven times. How many fucking chambers are in the bull's eye. that's just ridiculous pieces. Apparently he took a shot during its run finished a match got up. Cut a promo then went to the back and passed out. That's when they took him in the rain-affected finish the match. No his popped. I would be fucking freaking out. I would've fell collapsed and broke. My is telling this story on show professional telling the story short walkman or showing walkmans. Podcast seen as though that they both have something in Familiarity to but no but Pot broke his ass so injuries l. Harry's oh what what's what's weird is he in pumped shitting his pants in the ring or america black breaking his technical seven dot that shit. Well edges no. I think that's shouldn't pants do at one time. So if you have speaking of punk seeing punk was referenced..

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