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Of sexual violence but was still a low security prisoner and had been released for lawn mowing duties wednesday morning at eight thirty. He was seen driving a golf cart outside the home of corrections administrator deborah johnson three hours later johnson's body discovered by co workers with a cord around her neck the blessed so many lives and it's just a sad occasion now neighbors and even prison employees telling us they're terrified. I i need a kitchen is that we've just learned. Officials received more than three hundred sixty tips but so far. There's been no credible sightings of watson. Tom trevor all with some new reporting tonight trevor. Thank thank you we move on now. We head overseas the clashes in hong kong. Take a look at these images police firing tear gas at protesters who went ahead with anti-government demonstrations despite warnings not to assemble that conflict stretching into its tenth week now and could possibly affect the financial markets and your 4._0._1._k. Here's a._b._c.'s julia mcfarland tonight. Unrest in hong kong it's showing no signs of slowing down after nearly ten weeks of protests riot police firing irving take us at crowds trying to break barricades halting road traffic across the city meanwhile several miles away at hong kong international airport protesters staging a sit-in and and now the first move from beijing targeting hong kong firm ordering airline cafe pacific to suspend any staff involved in the protests but since hong kong is one of china's key global trading hubs this far more at stake than justice businesses there. The man who predicted the collapse of subprime mortgages ahead of the two thousand eight financial crisis says says if the situation in hong kong gets any worse it could pose as greater risk to the u._s. economy as a trade war. If there is a black swan right now is what's happening in hong kong things escalate that would have a real impact on the global economy china isn't important global trading partner and the chaos in hong kong could affect northern the investments but the health of the global laconi hong kong stability is essential for attracting global investment china knows this but beijing says the calls for liberty and democracy in hong call. We'll be had inside mainland china. Tom julia mcfarland for us tonight juliette..

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