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Earlier, but yeah, Japanese food, Thai food, Mexican food. I think those are my top three ethnic foods, although mostly what I end up eating is the talian because passed an pizzas available, and inexpensive. And also, my girlfriend's Italian so I like that, too. Generally just one of the happy things that I also again, wasn't expecting when I got into coffee was that I became a foodie I was not before. But when you know, when you're working with this kind of stuff, and you're working with taste like Scott would not, you know, he would seek out also the best food, and I really learned to, to separate the reputation of a restaurant from the actual quality of the restaurant, I will not give names, but there are places in town here where people line up all the time and it's just not worth it. And I walked by and shake my head, and I passed the place, two blocks further that I know is doing the much better job of that thing and getting the attention. But so yeah. Just in general, what people put in. Kind of care and energy that I'm putting into burn the coffee into the food. It's awesome. It's, it's so good to see. And it's still really rare. It's kind of one of the positive outcomes of dedicating a lot of time in passionate into subject is you start being able to recognize it in other people. Yeah. You see it. When you walk across the street you have that in nod it doesn't take me, you know, like when I got into cock, cocktails stuff a little bit of didn't take me long to figure out where the better places were. And if I walked into a place to go. Oh, wait a minute. I can see I can see what they're doing here, kind of thing. So, yeah, it's sort of spreads outward that way, which is great podcasts, you know? Huge Dan savage. Fan dances, savage. Love podcast relationship podcast and one that he the only other one that I listened to regularly. Now, it's relatively recent is when the he re tweeted about how much he loved. It's call the fall of civilization podcast. I think they're on, like episode four talks about all these different civilizations through time that have ended like the Mayans they stopped Roman Britain like they abandoned, Rome. At one point, they just gave Brandon Britain. They gave up at a certain point went. So and it's interesting because, of course, you know, one of the feelings that can you can easily have reading your morning news. These days is this isn't going, well, you know, so it's kind of fun to look back and see, like what were the warning signs and why did these things happen kind of things. So that's fascinating. It is fascinating. There's something really amazing endings learn about endings and endings on that scale yet. That's like that's world changing. I think the other thing is really interesting about. Another famous favorite author is Daniel Quinn, who wrote Ishmael is the most famous one but he's written a bunch of other stuff, and he talks about how I couldn't summarize really, but he's not a big fan of our current civilization than life structure, and he talks about how like there are examples the minds is one of them of Pete, where people walked away. People just went now. We'd rather go back to weigh, the we live in the forest, you know, like they hit, you can literally make a different choice because it seems impossible like how could we there are examples of that happening in the past? So we should have a special episode and just talk about all this stuff. Deepen it. Yes. Do you have a favorite social media polo someone out there doing it really well? So the only social media do is Twitter. And I know that I you know, Facebook, I'm very happy that I never was tempted. And I'm happier and happier every day that goes by. And instagram. I never really got into that. So I do Twitter. I hear all kinds of horrible things about Twitter but I use Twitter very differently. It's most I mostly just follow and read and every once in a while I sent a comment read on Twitter. So I read a bunch of coffee people. That's how I kind of with a lot of stuff is, is coffee Twitter. And then some of it are. It's people that I know locally a little local comedians, and friends and things like that. And then some of it is, is a little more political stuff and things like that. But again, I don't get into the interacting. I'm not posting my own stuff. And then getting at mentioned back and stuff like that. It's really I used to our RSS reader, just and I would just subscribe to things and Twitter's just that for me now. So I do follow Dan savage. I follow some people he recommended like Esther Parral, who's a relationship. Psychologist, counselor author. I follow that follow civilizations podcast coffee wise. I follow like James Hoffman from square mile in England Collin Harmon the Irish breeze to champ that I was talking about. And then some people that crossover there's a guy named Tony Kenichi. You as a coffee subscription service called, let, yes, please. And he used to have a coffee company called tonics and his stuff is park coffee, and then also part, social commentary and stuff's, cool guys like that. So and I had a few categories, just because it's you and I feel this is special super caffeinated, talk. Exactly. So just get name a different few different coffee ways of serving coffee in whichever spot in Montreal are wherever that you love to get that coffee from that place. Okay. I will caution this one by a pre worn for this. When I get asked this all the time. Now is this a question for, you know, it's a good question, because it allows me the chance to reframe the question I get asked all the time in classes like what is your top place or what your top three or something like that? And I was already thinking this, but I saw somebody else, replied to the same question in, I think, London, I think it might have been James Hoffman saying it's no longer. Question, happily of where's the best place? There's so many and the variation from one day to another and, you know, which is the right place for my mood, and did it, but it doesn't really matter because that's not really how you do coffee. I mean, it's very rare that you're like, okay, I'm gonna get up and I want to go to the best place in town. You're gonna go really far the question. You're asking yourself, mostly is what's the best place around here, like in five or ten minutes kind of thing. So, so that said go ahead and ask you what's the best place around here. Yes. So we're, I think I mentioned to you. Were sort of central plateau, and on the way over I walked by noble where Victor, who's one of the people that teaches classes with me at the academy works. So that's a really nice great option. You're also close to Larry's, which is sort of a small version of the Lawrence restaurant next door. But during the day they do coffee service, you can just walk in and get a coffee. Little further north. I really like on bogere. I really liked peace Di really like cafe Odessa. Yeah. Those would be sort of my options, real close. Oh, caffeine Gamba has well not too far. If you just go a little bit. That's on park park between I think Fairmount and Saint Vietor and it's, it's the granddaddy great now. It's the oldest currently existing progressive coffee cafe in the city. So, so maybe instead of focusing on, on the coffee what's cafe in Montreal or elsewhere that when you walk in always makes you smile almost feels like home. You're like that for me at the moment. It's the one that I go to most often his scheme, which is just half a block down from my kademi, and I don't tend to get coffee there because I'm I'm usually walking past it to go to my academy where I have all my time. I that's one of the things that I kind of almost oh, it to myself, most of the day to make the coffee myself and test my coffee. And so that, that is true that also in a larger sense, I owe it to myself to drink other people's coffee more. But the real answer to what makes thing feel like most home is not going to be the coffee. Even is not going to be the decor. It's going to be the people. And so I know the staff at a ski now and I walk in smiley face. And I'm I'm usually there because they receive deliveries for us when I'm not at the academy of paying up boxes of coffee or something like that. And it's just, you know, you say hi, and you do a quick catch up, and that, that may cut to the core of what really makes it good. Cafe is a place where you can walk in and say, hi, and it's a place where everybody knows your name for cheers. And last one. What's the best thing about being a Montreal or? Oh, I mean, I chose Montreal consciously. So I grew up mostly in Edmonton, and I came here for university, I between high school and university I was working in a clothing store, and I wanna sales competition for a four day weekend here, and it was actually I was going to say without revealing your address your onto Bouillon here. We're recording. And I was on the little apartment that they gave me the key to was two billion prince Arthur off spot. My. So I came here for four days and I went. Yup. Because I was from Edmonton. And there is an opposite. Montreal in Canada. It's pretty much advocate. So, you know, I came here. I was like, I'm determined. I'm gonna go to McGill and I did. And then when I graduated from Gil, I actually thought I had to leave because I thought I didn't speak French well enough to get a job here. This was nine hundred ninety two or three or whatever I could have definitely I mean you could still get a job of Westmount or something like that. The town where everyone should be bilingual, but whether they'll make exceptions I could've stayed, but I didn't know that. So I ended up going west but I spent ten years at west about once a month. I would have a dream that I was while walking through the collateral and looking at the buildings on a bike know what the trees and I would wake up and be like really sad that it was a dream. So I finally got back and I will say this to you asked me earlier about like what gets you through the dark times? I remember very consciously many, many times where I'd be biking to work along on a tree, Laden street going by these nice old hundred fifty year old buildings and going, you know what I did make it. You know I got here. It doesn't matter how much stress I have on the back of my mind. This is still a sunny day in the plateau, and it's the same with your Bank, balances ten thousand or minus ten thousand it's still a sunny day in the plateau. Amen, amen. And Chris, where can we? Learn more about you and the academy in the courses you offer there. Thank you for the opportunity to my website, which is Montreal coffee, academy dot com. And so he has a pretty file about me, there, you probably learned way more just listening to this podcast and you'd have learned from the site. But yeah, all of our classes are listed there and there's a contact form as well. So if there's any questions or anything else, we are like I say, in addition to the public classes, we offer a bunch of consulting services and other thing there's anything at all. You know, send us a male, and if we can help we will, and I'd like to emphasize that it's for absolutely anyone who loves coffee. You don't have to be a pro you have to be in the coffee business. You said to be curious. I'm pretty happy about that. We get a bunch of feedback from people, you know, we get a wide range of people come, and we get feedback from people that are full pros. They're like. Even though you started kind of zero I still learn so much in that class. And then from non professionals that have no nothing that are like you. You walked me through it. You got me there, we've managed to find create classes that really you can be sitting complete movie next to a total professional in both people seem to really get a lot out of it. Yeah. I'm happy about that. Thanks so much for coming on. Thank you guys. It was great to see both of you again, because I used to see both of you. It's a nice little reunion. Yeah. I really appreciate it. And thanks. Thanks for joining us on. Thanks. All right. Thanks, everyone. Cheers. Hey, hey, that was Chris Capelle on the spear broS podcast. Chris, thank you so much for coming on the show. I had such a blast. I'm sure that a lot of yo there is well, thoroughly enjoyed this special episode about coffee. I learned so much every time I'm next to Chris. I just start learning and absorbing coffee wisdom. I love coffee already. So anything more as bonus and it gets me so hyped moments like this gave me so hyped about making some delicious coffees. So thank you, Chris. Thank you, Mets yards and we'll pay for coming on and being such a

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