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Billy Cunningham. Let's set up the rested today. Of course, after one o'clock a sergeant Dan Hills, and we're going to talk about the tactics. Being prepared as I speak for the decision being made and around a tailor situation, whether or not Cincinnati's going to be subjected to riots. Whether these individuals to travel around the country to ferment revolution going to use Cincinnati again. We had three or four days of it. You may recall including some dude that put a skateboard through the windows of the Hamlet County Justice Center. I don't know. He's been arrested yet that it really angers me that somebody could do that on live television. I was watching Channel five, and this dude puts a skateboard through the window and people are cheering and like no big deal and account anger's made there's plywood going up. In the courthouse is in Louisville. Come on. And ah We're going to talk about that after one o'clock what Cincinnati will do it might do. Plus I'm getting more information for my dating connections. The pizza place he was going to was called Cousin Vinny's. They're open to three o'clock in the morning. Which is more or less across the street. So if you're in the Dayton area, I've gone on the date Daily news website. There's not much Not much happening on date daily news. They kind of still going with the idea that possibly it was a hit skip which it may be, but the evidence I'm getting from contacts to the family and also from Dayton Police indicates that Doesn't make any sense. But I have Danny from Dayton areas known as Belmonte Neighborhood can be rough, but generally safe. He was found missing a shoe. What happened to that? And I want to get your reaction if you can be a little more filling in some of the blanks 513749 7000 with the Michael current situation very, very said And most of the information that we have now indicates it was a robbery that he was beaten. And, Ah, that is a tragedy. That is incredible. Plus, how does a person drive a car then down 911? And the caller said there's a teenager laying in the road. There's this kid just unconscious in the road. I don't I didn't see him moving. The woman says she saw the team later identified as Michael current. While she was in her vehicle heading TTO work she saw Him move his head was covered in blood. Now, if I'm not woman, dammit, I stopped my car. I try to run or whatever. Help I can I get 2 901 I call work and I say you know what? I'll be there about 30 minutes. How do you drive past someone in that condition? And just call nine. I guess it's good to call 911. But you got to render help him. I write about that. 513749 12 7031, the home of Brian Tome coming up after two o'clock and Brian Combs on news radio 700 that were you out of the 700 wlw. Now, Bill Cunningham. Let's get at it. Now, after one o'clock is Dan Hill is getting ready for the announcement sometime today or tomorrow about the indictment or not indictment of those officers involved in the killing of Rianna Taylor. And we also have the circumstances happening..

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