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This is today, I'm joing the Taliban house launched a major attack on a military compound in the central Afghan province of maiden war duck. It's been suggests that the death toll could be as many as more than a hundred people the attack began on Monday morning when the armored vehicles exploded after bumping into the compound at least two Goeman followed up the car-bomb before they were killed the attack came hours before the Taliban announced they had resumed talks with American officials in Qatar with more on those we are now joined on the line five professors. Joel Singer fellow was the Middle East sooner of London School of acknowements empathetical science, professor the military training center under attack. This time belongs to the Afghan intelligence agency, and compared to the Afghan police and army say that the intelligence forces are usually better trying equipped. So why do we see such a large casualty there? Unfortunately, it seems that they are not better trained and the quick and maybe Balabagn chose this this this calm. To show that most superior and to show how Rajai is than televisions and the security forces of of government, although protected by the United States. And seven points officers and one intelligence officer were killed in a similar deadly attack in a neighbouring Logar province on Sundays. How would you? Explain the recent increase in the intensity of the Taliban attacks. Well, when you would think that the United States, President Trump is highly t king of pulling out his forces from our guys, STAN. And when you think that the central government in Afghanistan still undecided and divided and nobody knows who's going to win the new elections. And when you find that the Americans are not ready to continue to support this government. And as Mr. Trump decided to put out the Syria and now the phone down, you can think that Taliban field things. They are the fit to fill the vacuum left by the United States. And that's why another approval that. Of course, the talks between the United States. I'm atoll one understand something that was not happening in the last years or a few years. So when counting what what what pushed of Taliban to go ahead and increase that feel this Taliban tactic to gain more leverage in talks was the US officials send you think that it's going to work. Well to now is working because the United States did not stop the talks in Ghana. Stan I in cut up. I'm not all of the time to stuff that activists, and they are considering their demand more round that they are involving the Pakistan government in the toke. So then truck, so what are some of these sore knee issues in talks between the Taliban and the US warning. Yeah. There are many issues. The first issue the Taliban prisoners in our in Buxton and with the American they won't that. At least these people then there is the the ban on the of of of of style Bundy. And regarding them as terrorist denies -ation. There's also the timetable of the US was from from Afghanistan and future government. And what would what what what the top one except two of the United States to leave in Afghanistan in Afghanistan of military posts or basis, these outta told me issues because the United States on look. Wants to leave Afghanistan, but they the. Not want to leave. It all together. They won't have some push out on some influence that this is another subject of between the two sides of the Afghan government is dissatisfied dissatisfied that it has been marginalized in the talks in Doha. What do you make of this? Well, I've gone governments or successive governments have only always being the generalized on sidelined by the United States, and by the by the Taliban because as you are everybody know that it has no force on the ground. No presence on no supporters, the on the sides that suppose is the United States. And because they are they are I guess about. Now, they as they go on have an agreement with without what should they do that, the government of honest, and that's why it's really. If the government is in drudge, I I'm very weak position. Well, ask you mentioned earlier. The Trump train has ordered the military to begin was throwing some seventy thousand American troops from Afghanistan in the coming months, but considering the current situation the country. How do you think the plan will advance? Well, sometimes we have had been..

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