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By straight talk wireless some tweeters are writing and that the agent the don van Natta mentioned there are Emmanuel is the inspiration for the ari gold character in entourage I was not actually aware of that that is something that is new to me are you got it will be handling the Twitter account in the Instagram account all our social media over the course of the weekend we enjoyed it the last time he did it about a month ago and then things got crazy but now while we are have gone a month year of slightly less crazy and it's okay to fool around I guess a little more on social media Mike I wanted to ask you about something Vince McMahon's to god's got dragged in to this White House conference call with sports commissioners then I didn't feel like he belonged M. but he got there anyway because for whatever the reasons are professional wrestling has more credibility than it probably deserves given that we don't seem to treat it with the same sort of diligence about killing it athletes the way that we treat other sports that are unsafe wrestlers died early at a disproportionate rate I'm telling you during the pandemic when my crime was putting on every day some wrestling show from the nineties two thousand everybody was dead there was nobody still alive in wrestling and now when wrestling came in here's to gods and use the loophole first on Florida's open for business all right now a bunch of wrestlers are are sick all over the place right laugh where they've got a legitimate outbreak where sports is now returning for the money over the health of its people and the W. W. E. isn't getting any sort of criticism that I can see from any of you know mainstream outlets about like man this was really responsible and now you've got not surprisingly enough they're just getting the criticisms from the the entities that cover it which aren't considered mainstream journalistic ventures you can't get well I guess you can't because Vince McMahon proved that you can get the credibility credibility the legitimacy and none of the accountability because they kept doing this and they said that they were testing but you can play fast and loose with what testing means just taking someone's temperature that counts is testing so they were doing all these shows from their performance center without actually doing covert nineteen testing so there was no knowing who was a symptomatic wrestlers took it upon themselves to say Hey no I I think I'm feeling symptoms or I'm feeling uncomfortable but this is their job they don't get paid if they don't show up in many respects so they go to this performance center that doesn't have the proper protocols they start inviting fans in this is the height of the arrogance coming from Vince McMahon and WWE they start inviting some fans everybody in the audience not using face covers and then someone in that audience who is a friend or family member of one of the performers that's what they said started feeling symptoms tested positive then the actual testing for common nineteen amongst the talent and backstage personnel goes goes on I know you have north of two dozen positive test results and not a word from mainstream media you get the legitimacy you get the loopholes by being a professional sport because of an established relationship with the president this needs to be shut down the gods how is that possible can you explain to me how it's possible the professional wrestling okay and I don't want to get into semantics argument with the people who love professional wrestling but basic basically script choreography that is also scripted choreography that is also athletic okay I don't want to argue with you about whether it's a real sport or fake sport or whether what they do is dangerous or athletic it is athletic but everything there is scripted how is it that that gets into a conference call with the White House on sports returning with Vince McMahon as the leader and all he gets is the power and the money without any of the shame like how is that possible that that is something that is happening right now as we are coming back with sports and wrestling is trying to come back and we've been told that football is very dangerous because the contact sport wrestling obviously a contact sport where people are breathing all over each other and now because the testing was inadequate like how can you not come down on Vince McMahon with you like your testing how how can you be sloppy about this I you would fit well they're not going to come down on him because he's providing them with feel good plus people don't take it seriously you know care enough to come down on visit Bob McMahon on something so serious this is like it's very concerning what's going on in the state of Florida another record day today sixteen bow just wanted this out only sixty and I'm saying this because I was surprised it was only sixty eight of the three hundred and two NBA players that were tested only sixteen tested positive and now you're bringing them down to the state with the correct drivers is growing more rapidly than any other state United States like I don't know what we're doing here this seems it's indeed saying what went on here but it's all driven by money I have seen it take only sixteen let's put this in perspective this is almost exactly four months for four months after the initial shutdown of America in sports the premier league has has plenty of teams in it and bigger rosters they have accomplished ten full rounds of testing they get tested often right they are now in their second week second full week over resumption of play they've had eighteen positive tests throughout that we're in testing phase one with the NBA and they basically equaled what the flyers or tested positive in the premier league see what happened Ellis you daily close to forty it's an embarrassment in this kind that is stray dog is brought to you by straight talk wireless no contract no compromise less than five weeks until the NBA tips off.

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