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AM, now here's, your guest host Connie Willis Joan Jett's and Joe jets. In, the black hearts you, go girl I. Love rock and roll Coty Willis here. JAMA to that tune boy I remember. Seeing, that. All the time you're listening to coast to coast AM hi everybody have, you ever met George Noory if you haven't and you want to you got to see if he might be. In your area because he's been roaming around for a while, now and in fact so, much that, he's returning, back to Asheville he's going back to. Asheville North Carolina It was a good success, the last time he was out there. So he's, going, to go out there and say hi to you guys again apparently ashville. Got all sorts of crazy things going. On there I know. A lot of people that moved kind of close to the area because, that's been great golfing in good housing but? Apparently is, pretty spooky too and that means. We've got a lot of great. Coast people, that are out there and coast insiders and, fans and especially. Those that love George Noory. Now, I I I'm wondering how. Many stinking I know he sings from time to time so I'm wondering if he'll. Do, that I know he does. A lot of Elvis tunes would be. Cool. If you did that one I love. Rock and roll Joan Jett tune I. Just, I. Just think she was cool it was just a great tune so anyway, he's gonna be out there in Asheville Saturday August twenty fifth so that's coming up soon Scott some great folks. Out there they're going to be there to to be up, on stage and tell their, information Mike Hank's Joshua p warned and I guess it's a Tommy Dan it's, a How. Do, we say it it's a it's, a Dan Heiser Dan Wagner. Entertainment anyway Tommy as you guys all know, he's a part of this. So Tommy will probably be out there too so you can meet him he's Georgia's producer and he's a great guy to. Full of character and information and always there to help out for sure so if. You haven't met George Noory this is a, good time to meet him he'll be out there talking meet. And greet and I tell. You, what he's, a joy to talk with he's really. A nice guy he I mean you. Hear him talk more. On air, he's he's got up a. Quiet guy just a, nice, dude you know he's just a nice guy I. Shouldn't even say dude he's just he's a gentleman in a polish broadcaster so I hope that you guys get. A chance to go see him if you'd like to, know more information we've got the ticket number two. To to writing call. Go to our website coast to coast. Dot com Got an incredible, guest, right now Christine rose in how did you become. Involved in holistic health and healing being extremely ill and trying to find solution I told I was dying with. Three months to live and I wasn't going to give, up I was treated every day Wisconsin domino phenomenal You don't have to be. Very ill to have the, benefits, of you You cannot stop and. Say. Oh I had enough I feel good that is the wrong way fantastic and. I'm past eighty. Ceautiful Conroy will.

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