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Welcome back to another episode of open floor filling in for your host. Michael the pod pina, I'm Rohan not joined. Today, he's a former staff writer at Sports Illustrated. He's currently a staff writer at the ringer. We don't talk about that much. Joining me on the show, he's uncomfortably tall. It's rob Mahoney rob, how's it going, buddy? It's gonna be back. But it feels like you've remodeled in here. You know, it feels a little different, a little adjacent to what I'm used to, but it's not. I like what you've done with the place as well. Thank you. It's like when they reboot a show 20 years later, it can never look exactly the same, but it looks a little bit the same. You know what I mean? Yes. Totally. I mean, I hope you're not saying like, this is like, we're not the original Ocean's Eleven. The much better sexier version. Exactly, precisely. Rob, I have a story because you made a joke once when we were coworkers, I probably thought about it a hundred times sensing probably forgotten. But we used to do a video show. We should do a video show for Switzerland called give and go that used to be hosted by Chris mannix and every now and then when I was first starting it aside, they used to let me host it. So manics used to have a line that he'd start every episode with, which was welcome back to give and go. SI's critically acclaimed web series, which I thought that was a good bit. A rare good manic bit. So one time I was hosting given go with you and I said, welcome back to open floor. The SI's critically acclaimed web series, and you said I believe it's getting less critically acclaimed with each house. I was a counselor. That's a good bit. It's a good burn, do you have? I was like, but we didn't know each other that well yet, and I knew you were joking. I understood that it was a joke. Okay, good. But I was like, damn, that was a good one. I was impressed. It probably was a little early in our relationship to drop that on you, but also I stand by it. No, it's good. Listen, it's all about pushing forward to the vulnerable moments. You know what I mean? Why exist in the weird middle area? Let's just go for it. So it's true. Let's get into the real today. Let's really dig deep into our souls with some NBA talk. Exactly, 'cause now is the time to be doing that. Absolutely. We do have a couple fun things to get to on the show today, including some emails, so please keep the emails coming, open floor mail at Gmail dot com. You guys have finally

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