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NewsRadio. Eight eighty Rockland county man who flew a drone over yesterday's funeral service. For a rabbi in Brooklyn told police he was trying to safely land it on a rooftop on thirteenth avenue when it fell from the sky and hit aqap in the face, a judge charged. He'll Rosenfeld with assault and breakfast endangerment. The thirty six old from Muncie admitted he only had the drone for a week. He's free on his own reconnaissance the officers effort cuts bruises if you blocks away in borough park, another officer was injured what his leg was accidentally run over by the hearse as. A huge crowd surrounded the vehicle. Given pushback from the ranks over plans to cut the number of firefighters on some engines WCBS reporter, Mike smell to the F D N Y will hold the line for now for firefighters association. President terrar- FitzGerald sums up his discussions with the deposit administration. So far, they may points that that I was pretty much have been aware of and just don't agree with city officials in the FDA y are looking at cutting what's called the fifth man on fire engines to extra firefighter for about twenty engines across the city that union bosses Gerald says is crucial and operates as a manpower pool. If one person goes sick or gets hurt during the course of a toy. That means a ladder company. Will we will be responding with less than a full assignment of firefighters on that Rick and that makes it dangerous city wants the firefighters union to get its members to cut back on the amount of medical leave? They take a big money trainer. Something the union says they can't do for now the fifth man on engines won't be cut. But that could change depending on whether the two sides can come to a deal. And you headquarters Mike shmelts debut CBS, NewsRadio eighty it's eight oh seven on WCBS in search of a big rig hit and run driver. That's coming up in three minutes. Hi,.

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