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Sure sure all correctly that's how i use it knew it knew that i was in punta cana from because when you typing google it knows whatever the server i guess is going to knows that it's an a different country i mean it is technically a different version is grabbing something else but it's connected in a way the language is because you're unchanging just like how you can change language on your smartphone facebook right now on the facebook we have and change everything chinese lemme see won't give it a try what she's saying she's been to china she signed into the same facebook and then she can change its connecting you to the chinese serve i think the i think the internet search engines and filters for different governments they have different restrictions because i know in china i'm typing to google like world events that actually happened that doesn't make them look good they'll be no research results like you put an tnn square takes it to their servers i think it just yeah once it loads into their service it's the chinese i maybe i shouldn't say version but it's the chinese platt filters the platform if you're in china russia is the russian platform but yeah dating now on facebook a new dating hose two hundred million people on facebook who list themselves a single there's going to be for building real long term relationships not just hookups the reality is built any features to help people find partners oh so we're.

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