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I don't have much more of an explanation. Ak that's just what's going to happen. Do you agree with me. I can't even complain about it. Because if you're if you're it is still the most lucrative bite you can make. It should be the charles all the verified of course of course it should be poor brazil. Lavera if we're just talking about sport of it. The sport of the sporting aspect mike. It should be able to deliver. The i think the best fight you can make at one hundred fifty five pounds right now. It's just an awesome match i will. I don't want this matchup that they miss out on. I don't. I don't want this to bill. Could become hubby ferguson. Thing where and again hard to blame the afc in the metric that they booked it multiple times and it just fell through. But i think if you have a chance to book now you just can't risk anything bad happen to in the future so should it fall through. Obviously then you have mcgregor rating the wings to fight other guy but depending on the nature of the injury. Of course. But i just i don't want it i don't wanna see. I did not enjoy the hype leading up to it i agree. It's an awesome match up where in and mcgregor. It's an awesome matchup anytime there in there. So it's hard to arrogance that again if he wants the money. He said it himself after he didn't like a lot of trash. That mcgregor was talking after. So there's still personal aspect it's not just about the money the it is but you can also sell the personal aspect of it. It's just it's just escalated so much. It's become so deeply personal that it can certainly happen but cost. I don't want it. I do not want that. Next for mcgregor reporter i want. I want rob how this on us. I would like to see that fight. It's crazy that connor loses and it was an unfortunate ending. But it was a clear like i know. I think two of the judges. Gay ten eight round emma first round. It's amazing that even after getting ten aided in the one round of the fight you have more options than you had heading into it like you. Still have the nate fight. That's always there now at this point fight. That's always there. You could do the fight if you want. You can still do mas at all. You could still do a million different things and like it's fine. Like connor still has plenty of options in very lucrative options. Mike can i be unprofessional for a moment. You sure can't. We have introduced ache as unprofessional minute. We're just you know it's it's it's we don't make as a permanent segment. Just give me a minute. Starting now mcgregor all his post by talking. What a petulant ass. What a petulant ass. I mean it just like. I said i mean when i say i hope he gets home safely to his family or and all that and i hope You know it says this isn't a you know an injury that has to has to deleterious effect on his career. But i just i didn't like the stuff you're saying up to it. I had a feeling No matter what happens we warrants going to get that sort of post fight. You know because we gregor generally immediately after the fight is pretty cordial with most of his opponent. The you know all the bad stuff comes out later. This time i was like no matter what happens. It's gonna be bad. And then when he got injured i understand. He's frustrated in the moment. Blood is running. Joe rogan sticking a microphone in his face So you know a emotions are high but man you got to have a little more you got to have a little more compulsion that i felt like we saw the real man there. We saw not someone selling a fight or future fight. Someone who really is just a bad dude And was saying stuff about against still saying stuff about as wife and this wrestlemania has gone way too long. But i just all this nastiness left a really bitter taste in my mouth and i. I don't wanna see them again. Even though i think you're it's It's probably option one on the ucla uc matchmaker schedule right now. Yeah i mean let's let me just be clear for those listening who want to take a shot. Poor as next fight is all there. Because i think we're not gonna see connor fight again this year if we do it'll be a miracle and if he does fight again this year he won't be against us emporia but we have to just sort of assume just the way his the bottom of his leg looked in that moment which is nasty and by the way i blame my older brother bob who literally every time. He's ordered a ufc. Pay per view. Or i've washy of paper you with them a leg snaps every single one. Like it's under his undefeated. He texted me last night. It was like i cannot believe another leg snapped. Every pay per view actually goes out and buys something like that happens. It's just it's just crazy. So yeah i'm with you i i blame mcgregor for sure. You are responsible for your own actions but i blame the ufc just as much. Why even interview him in that moment. Come on now like i. I understand everything like you. Got enough sizzle and spice from emporia. You didn't need interview. Mcgregor get his ass out of the cage and bring him to the hospital. Let's just enough. We don't need a post fight interview in that moment. Connor will go on social media and say everything he has to say did not need to hear from connor in that moment. But that's just my opinion. We got what we got. There's an ugly moment now. We a promo for the next. You know the. Us is going to take that entire promo and build the fourth fight with what connor said in that octagon. It's crazy speaking of social media. My he actually did to post a few hours ago. You need it was like you. Yeah simply an image of him on the stretcher. Outraged looking looking very upset. And saying you need people like me jolie. Pouria is the mvp of the night. Though by the way was flipping him off or whoever took the screen shot and put it on social media. Social is just on its undefeated unbeatable. I know it's i'm michael. Keyes twitter account. I think it's everywhere but you guys haven't seen it in one place. You went definitely find it. Michael cases twitter account. He definitely has a put the screen out there and called her thug wife so good. So that's the main event..

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