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There's also a third character category because there's empty. There's us weekly like they stepped out together looking so cute. And then there's also like the in touch headlines, like Haley Baldwin's pregnant. And so Justin Bieber like the wild Heli Baldwin is pregnant with Stephen Baldwin gotten. They make like these wild claims. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are getting back together and she's pregnant with his baby. So as Angelina Jolie on Marianne Tilyenji like they make these wild. Claim. So why not make those wild claims about the truth? You know, like if you really don't care what kind of claims you're making, at least make them truthful because the truth is actually crazier than the lies, right? Like we live in a world where like if only everyone knew the truth, because the truth is actually the best story, do you ever see the movie, the invention of lying? I did not. We get your base. It's such a good movie. Oh, Like when when he he goes. goes to the big, but now with Jennifer garner, yeah, the goes everyone. The world tells the truth and he goes to the bench thicker computers down to remember how much was in your account and you just like thinks of the idea to not say the truth, and he was a guest five million dollars. And that's how we learned to lie like you get so far. This is the world we live in like the tabloids they need to learn how to lie. You know what I mean? Totally. And then like people would. He just help everyone like people take them seriously like we would know the the information, you know, I know. This is an amazing idea I've to raise and when and take him on our podcast do the patriot episode which put behind a paywall because we're just too afraid of what Dan Schneider. We'll find when he gets there. But that's another thing anti said. He said that Arianna is talking tonight Schneider a lot and that he's producing a show for her. It was just the around and go back to TV though, like she could literally be in movies if she wanted to. She can do anything she wants. Right. So why would she choose the Dan Schneider of it all? I don't know what was my point Moses, I don't know, but I really need to see a star is born because I've been doing like a lot of research. I watched the Judy Garland one last night, and I started to watch Barbra Streisand wine, and I have to say something really controversial. I you don't like him. I really don't like Barbara Streisand like she's so annoying an extra and like we get that even amazing voice. But like I don't want to offend like so many people. Well, here's the then we would be offending ourselves. We said, it's like wish I love her like she's Jewish unreal, Malysz New Yorker right on. Unreal voice like she's in somebody who never knows done. I'm the. She wanted to be like physically Jewish, no, and because she didn't know if we change your voice, that's the real reason. And now thinking back to everything, I've seen her in and funny girls and amazing movie period, but like memory gentle Janta. What's that one? I dunno annoying with her. I've only seen girl really bothers me and I couldn't get past the first five minutes of her version of a star is born because I couldn't this like and we'll talk about the stars woman. I just like. I couldn't believe it. I just didn't believe like she was just like, no. I mean, I don't love her per se. I really, I'm an option never really liked her extension to to like her. We likely shell made me like her because Leah, Michelle loves her so much and like I love Michelle so much. Like if I, luckily Michelle Lee, Michelle likes Barbra Streisand ache was being big, we'll see than eight will see. And I like Barbara Streisand..

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