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Did i pick phantasm or did tim. Kind of guide me into this because i immediately went to. Imdb before i even started part two and i'm scrolling i'm scrolling scrolling get to the bottom boom to little people and i'm like did tim downplaying the conversation over in my head. I'm like you know he is the one that set she said. Hey you know if we just did phantasm to a next you know you think that i was setting you up little people. Yes exactly just a reason for me to talk about midges. The two guys in this movie are you know. You don't even really need to look them up. i mean you. You instantly know their faces from several. Move out yeah. I'm looking at Phil among fonda caro He was definitely what was that guli too. Yep that's where. I know him from immediately. I feel like he is in Something like monty python adjacent like You know adventures of baron munchausen or a one of those Space herpes ice pirates. I don't see is pirates. I was looking to see if he was there. That is parents have little people in now. Is that a dumb question. Course i you know what i went to the theater to see ice pirates really and must have been young because i had so many questions afterwards. I don't think my mother wanted to answer. I think number one was. What is a space therapy. What is a space. Herbie was big number one. But i remember laughing hysterically as they're like a d remember that movie at all. They're kind of like. I guess they're like going through you. Know star trek like hyperspace or something but rhyme is speeding up and Like the black guy with the afro turns old and he has like a white afro and the baby like peas in. why are we talking about ice pirates. I don't know i'm sorry. You bro. Apologize to everyone anyway anyway Also ed gale the other little person in this yet he was howard the duck he was howard the duck. I didn't awesome. He was also station and bill. And ted's bogus journey. I knew he brought that up before. Yes he was Chucky guests he was cecchi..

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