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Sports, and entertainment charity, just mentioned that, you know, January's always cold, but it's about to be possibly the coldest January ever. But she was not talking about San Antonio. We have been much colored and thirty seven before. Oh, yeah. Yeah. But the rest of the country, they're saying sixty below zero in some places fifty below zero in some places parts of the deep south aren't immune either, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee today and tomorrow, expected cold weather and possibility of snow is going to get nasty. And when did this. Polar vortex terminology start seemed like a couple years ago. Yeah. I mean, we've seen cold temperatures forever used to be a cold front. Now, they gotta give it some name. We're going to find out more about that. With San Antonio. I news Bill Zimper coming up in just about fifteen minutes. Right now us I flashback brought to you by Spurs sports and entertainment Spurs flesh back. On January twenty nine th two thousand nine montage nobly scored a team high thirty points, Tim Duncan grabbed fifteen rebounds and the Spurs went on the road and beat the Phoenix Suns one fourteen one. Oh, four a variety of injuries slowed down during the oh eight oh nine season. He played in just forty four regular season games. He averaged fifteen and a half points per game. He missed the final six regular season games and the postseason. That's today's Spurs flashback. I'm Bill schone. The Harlem Globetrotters,.

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