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With mark mid which brett martin atlanta more just opened up a whole world with those images right tony kerner so that fight once and if i once magnificient film yeah so for our audience in baseball fans like me how much did you enjoy angels and now feel it was great i mean i have great time with the people superfund story just just something i was in the market local market after the movie was released and i was just i was in the best of the parliament looking vegetable and a young child i would say five six whatever he stood up and just stared at me and everything else is just looked at me and stared at me and then i looked at the down and said hi and everything went back during and he still staring at me and i looked at there and he ran on said mom there's the coach so that movie stands with me still but those who sought at that moment when it came out in those thought subsequently to that moment you know when it last made you it was it was one of those maybe craig's thing too much but certain kids i has had ongoing often kids tell me that they saw the first time record realized who i was so me was when i did angels in the outfield but but angel now feel beloved was important for me when the most important films that idea was beloved that's voice of danny glover are very special guest we could not have had anyone better we appreciate you very much.

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