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Just because he got an a in one glass right let's shift gears we often say on the show blazing five 45minute from al plus metal world peace we often say on this show is if all else fails interesting is really really important this is where i think the nba's been really good through the years the nba as a really good job this is where baseball does a poor job in the nba does a great job the nba is interesting they create stories and they create villains and you find yourself booing in rooting and good and bad and the mba is a really good job on that we don't have the nba is a network we have baseball but baseball's not nearly as good as the nba in creating villains lakers beat the sixers last night lonzo ball game tied at one all four let's roll the tape the yes it may be too busy to succeed two the new goes all with the dribble penetration collapse of the deep is look at all the new jersey their own laws the wall yes money rules he played really well last night and you know what you're finding out with lonzo ball he was booed last night and that is a great thing for the nba pet is a great thing he's a villain in every other city not name los angeles he's a pick aside guy baseball them have a lot of those nba's got the bronze of pick aside guy westbrook's pick side guy lonzo ball now pick aside guy that's an awesome think warriors pick aside team cabs pick aside team lakers now would lonzo pick aside guy pick aside team for four against that is a great thing there are so and here's the thing there are so many guarantees in the nba celtics cavs eastern conference finals bright a down warriors going to be in the finals three or four guys are going to battle for the mvp but the best part about the lonzo story we don't know how it's going to end.

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