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Customers who use its website. The concord, California based company has notified the California attorney general's office that someone was able to plant militias computer, code checkout page Bev MO says the code which has been removed was designed to capture information from orders place between August second and September twenty sixth. The company says the hacker potentially could have captured customers names phone numbers and addresses along with credit and debit card numbers and security codes. A lot of people were grooving to all. I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey on Christmas Eve on Spotify AP music correspondent margins. Are a lotta says the Christmas classic set a new record on Spotify. Mariah Carey song. All I want for Christmas is you was played ten point eight million times on Monday Christmas Eve, according to music, monitor chart data the previous record holder was sad by x x x ten Tahseen which hit ten point four million. Streams the day after he died in June Spotify declined comment on the record. Carey writes on Instagram. The record is such an amazing Christmas gift. The song was even a pop hit this year if peaked at number six on the billboard hot one hundred chart its highest ranking ever I'm Archie zaraleta? Despite advances made in crimefighting AP's Warren Levinson reports police departments are wrestling with the declining ability to solve it rape cases fifty years ago. Police cleared more than sixty percent of rape cases. Now in me to America. It's barely half that I mean in the age of DNA in forensics and video surveillance in cellphone technology, all the different aspects that we can put people at the crime scene are clearance. Rates are dropping their abysmal. Joseph Jack alone teaches at the John. Jay college. Criminal Justice all statistics around Raper problematic. Since only a small percentage are reported at all with rising consciousness growing number are reported in some investigative agencies are overwhelmed many police departments are also struggling with balancing the desire to be sensitive to victims with the need to get prosecutable evidence. Warren Levinson, New York. Partial shutdown. I'm Tim Maguire within AP newsmen that Kansas Republican Senator Pat Roberts one of a few members of congress still on Capitol Hill is both houses adjourn until Monday without action on ending the partial government shutdown. He says he wants the impasse over President Trump's border wall to end that is, but you know, personal things aside and work together. And let's see if we can't get a tree brought down by strong winds. Last night is killed a woman in Louisiana. Severe thunderstorms. Raced to the southeastern states this evening..

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