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In search of mouth breathing rouf's coast yes appointed you look at empel white people who probably voted for donald trump against their own silk insurance your smarter than they are about what they need for good longhaul simply based on geographical positioning i live on one coast or the other but in the middle of the country's just a bunch of mouth reading idiots gotta go there tried to understand nearly one other people who live on either the east coast or the west coast understand how socalled real americans live revise end on npr something of its sometimes they'll do a thing where they go luis lopez kind of long pieces like ten minutes we're at a local well yeah you always feel like the door reopened frier walk into the into the restaurant building it on machine when he was fifteen and alleys a manager and still wondering how he's going to get and i i love with the go in search the we found a republican with a heart we this is something completely bazaar loopier bush gave ilker we found a republican who actually cares about his employees dollar extra day by this will be getting on a plane and going to poland for as much as that are going to have a kobben with people with a bit west were they finally get there an and see them although i would love to be a fly on the wall on that bus not for when they're talking to actual barricades had been westerns but after their done and they get back in the bus to drive to their next destination i would love to hear the elitist snarky talk cutting up three kid really increase if the overpopulation issue in the day now one gay across all identified with their own sexuality they they think that son is actually a boy hey tree ring themselves good luck to huffpost as they go out looking for the real america good luck to you the rest of us live they're not good luck yeah it always variant the every day interacting with every person you've got to do is npr touch stories jenny mccarthy had to drive two hundred fifty miles skidded abortion because only has one abortion clinic the against raise hell uh all right story at disney has fired the voice of kermit the frog over that the bull business conduct which is never explain between happy and sad is the.

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