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Here. Burke and Herbert Bank at your service since 18 52 equal housing lender It's 9 18 traffic and weather on the eights. Jack Taylor and the W T O P Traffic Center. Alright in Frederick. It sounds like a lot of equipment so unseen This is going to be on 40 The Golden Mile West, leaving 15 headed out toward Willow. Dale Drive. The crash near Hillcrest Drive may only have a double left turn lane set getting by so the right side of roadways all tied up. With equipment continuing to arrive and depart. You'll find in upper Marlboro Central Avenue up in your campus way there'd been a reported crash. Also. Riggs Road North bound your Amherst Road That's emergency utility work on Lee single file left Getting by. Lot of high water a lot of debris. White's fairy remains closed today. Liberty Road Up in Frederick, 26 south of Old Annapolis Road. There was an earlier crash. You may be under direction. There's a slow down inside the Beltway North Baltimore Washington Parkway is you had after 4 50 staying left through the work zone at the top of the ramp from Branch Avenue North T Inbound Suitland Parkway. The earlier crash was along the right side of the roadway. Long Civil Silver Hill Road eastbound Walker Mill Road. We had a reported accident to seventies. Fine. We're quiet between the Beltway's on 95 in the Baltimore Washington Parkway. No issues on for 95 through Montgomery or Prince George's County into Virginia for 95 looks good between Alexandria and McClane, 29 in Gainesville. The crash clean up North bound near summer, said crossing drive blocks the North bound lanes, but there is a detour kind of through the shopping centers. Loss of finding McClane Fire Department activity on 1 23 up in your culture drive, described as a gas main break, 90 five's looking good north as his 3 95 going toward the 14th. 66 was a little bit heavy, eastbound passing 1 23 headed toward Netley. The rest the trip into Roslyn, You're wide open. Doctor helping protect your agency's remote workforce and ensuring government employees have simple and secure access to mission. Critical applications from any device at any time. Learn more at OK ta dot com Jack Taylor. W T o P. Traffic Storm Team four meteorologist Chuck Bell, not any relief from the Heat coming up here. Not a whole lot of relief. But it is, after all, the first day of July's so our average highs 88 degrees and will be.

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