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Toss but the dallas contingent won the toss and elected to receive the erratic. And i'm not kidding. When i say this the iraq roy jarallah the place kicker for the steelers. This was going to be his last game. As a pittsburgh steeler. He came out to boot the ball and open up the contest from their twenty dallas introduced. Pits tony dorsett to the super bowl rivalry and the rochester native shredded the steel curtain for twenty five yards on his initial to carries tony set and it was really funny because when i watched this game i had the opportunity to watch it with myron cope and jack fleming doing the commentary in the background. Not the nbc announcers and it was really cool and my dad always joked about this. When i was a kid because he was tony dorsett for all those years went to the nfl. He was tony. Dorsett myron and jack fleming bay called them dorset the entire game. Tony i can totally see that especially meyer and he. He was not one to change his ways once. They've got a name said he. He kept it as interesting. Did he was dorset here in dorset during his pro career. He was a guy that i loved to watch. I thought he was great. I did not get to watch him at. I was way too young as we're you but it would have been really cool. Just a fantastic runner. Last of his carries of the first two nearly broken for a touchdown but donnie. Shell and every time we do a show tony donnie. Shell is saving the game with tackle or something big and he saved. That would have been a touchdown early with a big tackle after no gain by running back. Robert newhouse tom. Landry went back the door set for thirteen yards and it really looks like dallas was definitely fixing timeshare in pittsburgh territory however dallas as they were apt to do try trickery on the next play and paid for it when door set andrew pearson misconducted connected on the reverse. That was meant to become a pass. Play too tight end. Billy joe dupree john ban zach. Who was great in this game. The ban exact bunch was going crazy. Tony panasonic poundstone at his own. Forty-seven to stop the drive turnover. Right away steelers. Get the ball back your thoughts it was. It was crazy cowboys where we're doing such a great job running the ball. Tony dorsett hometown boy against his hometown. Team shredding them and and even the steelers themselves were kinda shocked at the. The cowboys went away from that. Like joe greene said the easiest thing to do in football handed doggone thing off and they went away from that and it costs them if custom right away because after the steelers took over they were stopped on runs then. Bradshaw went the air and threw precision bullets in the light rain to randy grossman and twice to john stallworth. The second of number eighty two's spectacular catches went for twenty eight yards and a touchdown just like that. It was seven. Nothing steelers with nine forty seven left in the first the steelers strike first tony. That's big in this game It was huge. Never such a pretty passed by bradshaw. I mean he hung up there but they really fold the cowboys lynch one said he studied some tape on this in this particular situation. They always been on like a shorter route. So that's what that's what they faked and that's why star with so wide open. It was a beautiful research by swan and great execution by by bradshaw stallworth. Have the coaches. Were smart the players were smart. They did their homework. That rubbed off of chuck knoll. The players were selected for being able to do those things as well not just play but have minds as well and that was a hallmark of chuck knol teams with the cowboys. Moving into steeler territory on their next series after butch johnson beat steelers quarterback ron johnson no relation to get to the enemy thirty nine the steelers defense st for nass white white. They sat captain..

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