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Can we remove this T-shirt? Absolutely. Absolutely. Thank you. Why don't we play one of the videos, this first one? This is a cameo that was sent to us. Nikki, can you please play number three? Oh, someone said hit clips. That is exactly what they were called. Hi, Andy. Hi, Naomi. It's me. Local celebrity, Oscar Montoya, and I have been hired, yes, I'm getting paid for this by a random stranger to send you this video question. Times are tough, okay? I got to pick up these cameo gigs. All right, here we go. Dear Andy and Naomi. I connected with a guy using the Tinder app and we went on a post vaccination. We really hit it off. Since then, we've become social media Friends. So I discovered that all the massless photos on his Tinder profile were not pre-pandemic as I had assumed, but mid pandemic. Pre vaccine. Needless to say, I'm outraged at his life choices and I'm not sure how to even bring this up without popping completely off. Do I let him have it? Do I ghost? What does he deserve to hear about his behavior? Does he even deserve to be asked about going massless during the pandemic? And just so you know, yeah, he's white. This person out, Naomi and Andy, please. Love you, miss you both bye. See an Oscar and forever. I know that was so nice. I was really watching. I almost talked back to it, like, truly. He did seem so lifelike. He did. Brian, who wants to start? Yeah, I mean, you know, somebody you want to one good day post vaccination you see the day a little reckless that they have a reckless past. You know, what do you feel? What do I also the most centered? What is your gut say? You know, right now I'm in I'm in a relationship, but I have a lot of friends who are single and who are very horny right now. And I think I sympathize very deeply with that cause. If I can have any cause, any places to donate, that would be it at this moment. Because it's rough, it's rough and these streets. Yes. So I feel like okay also to be honest when she was like, he's white. That was a little bit of a point to be because I don't know. There's some colonization vibes where you just want to make sure that the white people got their best. So what sort of what sort of political spectrum people what kind of smallpox they're spreading? Yeah. A little bit, there's little tinges of that. That being said, I feel like maybe maybe it's like a bring it up, thing, but if you're not feeling safe if you're not feeling uncomfortable and if it's like, I don't know, something that bothers you. It's one gate. You don't owe anybody anything. But if you're really that horny, you can always just, you know, go for it, and then make your make your little exit. Yeah, ghost them afterwards. Yeah. Classy. Classy, class act. Get outta there. How much money do they have? Great question. Is this a person to afford? So be our starting their panties. That means they weren't waiting on the stemi. They might maybe you know have some passive income, you know? Like, y'all already own it. Once, y'all already been exposed, you know? So, you know, I mean, what you get to do, obviously this person is like, irresponsible, or maybe they're rich. And yeah. Well, when you put up desert girls comment, please, Nikki, just right up here. You know, I mean, that's true. Common for people to remove a mask just for photos and put them back on. And I said that during the pandemic, I was on a fool yacht. Like mid pandemic, we were outside and I made the caption like hold on. Let me take my mess. I'll get your S away from me. So I never got COVID. I never went to house parties. I got the vaccine when they were giving it to the girls while I waited like three months to see if the girls were gonna die. And then when they did it and I was like, not the girl. I'll come get mine. The girl. Yeah, what does that mean? What do you mean when the girls would get to see? The.

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