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Hi, if I'm in the army, not in the navy, am I still eligible for membership? Yes, you are. What about my sister in the air force? Her two. And my dad's a marine. We serve all branches of the military, veterans, and their families. My dog is a retired military working dog. I see what I can do. To find out if you're eligible at navy federal dot org, navy federal credit union, our members are the mission. Ensured by NCA. This is WTO news. It's 8 23. Crews in North Carolina are making progress restoring power to the tens of thousands of people without it since a pair of substations were shot up over the weekend. Governor Roy Cooper says everyone in more counties should be back online by Thursday morning. About 35,000 customers in the county are still out that's down from a peak of about 45,000 after the Saturday night shootings. The search continues for the person or people responsible for the attack and no motive has been given by police. More county sheriff office deputy Richard mannis. We're looking at every angle, our tip line has been very, very active in the last 24 hours. As the investigation continues in North Carolina, power companies around here are keeping close eye on things. Dominion Energy Pepco and BGE all as you'd expect say they're aware of what's going on in North Carolina and statements WTO all say they're constantly talking to law enforcement at all levels, intelligence agencies and many others. None of the companies spoke about beefing up security specifically in response to the outages south of here, Pepco and BGE, though, which are both part of excellence, says they're always running regular drills to repair for all kinds of threats, and we'll be ready to respond quickly if needed. Mike moreo WTO news. The captain of the giant cargo ship that got stuck in the Chesapeake Bay earlier this year has had his license suspended the decision by the Maryland board of pilots was made in October, but not released until today. Steven was captain of the ever forward when it got stuck in the mud back in March, unsticking the ship took 35 days. A state official says a thorough review of evidence and expert analysis led to the board's decision. German will have a chance to formally challenge it in a hearing. It's being called a rare and amazing discovery, beach erosion in Florida has uncovered a possible wooden ship from the 1800s. Severe beach erosion from two late season hurricanes have helped uncover what appears to be a wooden ship dating from the 1800s on Florida's east coast. It had been buried under the sand of Daytona Beach shores for up to two centuries, impervious to cars that drove daily on the beach or the sand castles built by generations of tourists, beachgoers, and lifeguards discovered the wooden structure between 80 feet to 100 feet, poking out of the sand over Thanksgiving weekend digging team members went from using shovels to trowels and then their hands as more of the frame was exposed and archeological team leader says he is convinced the structure is a shipwreck because of how it's constructed. I'm Lisa dwyer

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