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On the threes you have some flooding issues in the o'neill well a yellow worry we've been hearing certainly about a lot of water in some spots especially the ramp from the audio to getting to the pike westbound where we've had some of wanting right under the combat overpass and it's made for the pike west jam through there as well as the ramp from ninety and even the ted williams tunnel getting to the point of the pike very tough as far as the rest of downtown let's check it out christian eric ma frei insurance road report or rod not a lot of fun get into the o'neill tunnel in the lower deck ninetythree douse gem back down the shaft center at this point elaborate dow rapids stalled out end to end the levered upper have not much better stole drive eastbound backed out the now stabbed the ted williams tunnel westbound back into the airport and if you're leaving the airport on one aim northbound doubt on the break from just after the airport roadway all the way up passed boardman straight question after the boss insurance rotor port expressway both ways heavy and slow onetwentieth northeast slow from braintree to a crash clearing near twenty four the upper end of 148 north and seventy three eight a main street in linfield 93 north slow leaving the city to roosevelt circle them tough passing a crash near desk him road and route one his bitty busy carter street in chelsea to the linfield too shuttle next report five 23 wbz's traffic us your with a fourday wbz accuweather this a soaking cool day almost feels like fall outside and close to record territory in some towns tonight sell that rain tapers off to some drizzles vagelos holding in the fifties tomorrow mainly overcast cool some spotty showers and drizzle possible the first half of the day and the chance for some sunny breaks in the afternoon and evening high temperatures mainly the middle 60s on wednesday mostly sunny a gorgeous day for the midweek highs in the upper 70s thursday brings mix of sun and clouds with highs near eighty two now the chance for some heavier rainfall be scattered around on friday i'm wbz tv meteorologist derek fisher wbz newsradio 1030 rain that was pretty have even boston just a short time ago is almost dissipated completely definitely submissive in the.

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