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Here comes. The big interview listened handler. Which so cool right now. Let's welcome to the podcast. A friend of mine cousin south from of course fox bed. His extra points podcast network. And yes the jimmy. Kimmel show causes sal. Welcome to the podcast. How you doing bud. Thanks for having me. I finally paid up his documentary. Stop i got on your podcast. What do i have to do. Let me make a documentary about the eighty six match. See if that does it and you gave me a few minutes. This is terrific. Hey you should get on because you and jimmy road both executive produces of this and it's called once upon a time in queens it's on Espn espn plus a four part. Chronicle of that nine thousand nine hundred eighty six miracle season and and cousins south. Start to hear your your phantom with the mets. And how did you become a mets fan. I grew up like like yourself. I grew up in new york My father was a brooklyn dodgers fan and when they left so he hated the yankees because he yanked mighty the crap out of them every year except fifty five right so he hated them until when the dodgers moved to la he wasn't about to the yankees so obviously the mets Came in in nineteen sixty two. That was casey stangl team and lovable. Losers somehow on the world series seven years later but So i had no choice. I was going to be mets fan. No matter what and i caught some lean years when i started off watching them as a six seven year old. It was in the early seventies but by the time i got to. I was in high school fifteen years old. Greatest experience of my life Watching mookie wilson the ball to buckner his legs. They win that. They wouldn't game seven and World champs in dramatic fashion and what a collection of looms it was. I've been telling people i said you know. I the only one hundred eight games in the regular season. They really should have won every game. If you look at the talent. Carter hernandez right. You got good. And you got strawberry ray knight so many so on and so forth and And then on the other hand you look at them and dyke show and you're like how did they even ever get to the ballpark once. One any game. So there's that that kadhamy and we try to cover it and We did so. I think and episodes wanted to last night and then judge and four where it really gets down to negrete tonight and let me say this. The debt eighty six mets team. And that team was a fun team..

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