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Chance to say how he really feels about the Muller reports days after it was revealed. There was no Russia collusion. Total exoneration complete vindication. It was in front of a crowd of thousands in Grand Rapids. Michigan his first campaign type event since the report was released CBS news White House. Correspondent Steven Portnoy. Was there? The president insists he has been completely exonerated his rally here in Grand Rapids. He mocked Democrats for suggesting there might just be more to the story in the full Muller report. Mr. Trump went hard after the chairman of the house intelligence committee calling him little pencil neck, Adam Schiff, and he repeatedly said that the Democrats investigating him are sick people during a hearing about Russia on Thursday shift stood by his remarks listing the meetings that people and Mr. Trump circle have had with Russians saying that collusion is there. CBS news update. Our Matt piper Javadi Habibie M news time three thirty to the house has rebuked the president by voting against his administration's moved to restrict trans. Gender men and women from military service, a non-binding resolution opposing the ban passed yesterday with every Democrats supporting it nearly every Republican voting. No, the administration's policy bars people who have undergone gender transition from enlisting. The policy is also being challenged in the courts, the border patrol says the number of immigrant families traveling to the US is now. So high of the agency is immediately letting some goal instead of transferring them do immigration and customs enforcement for release. The situation was forced to has forced local governments to help coordinate a housing meals and travel for the emigrants the direct release of border crossers by the patrol. Also means fewer people will have ankle monitors to help ensure lay show up for court here. Hearings a mother from South Carolina is calling for Justice after her daughter. A fifth grader died from injuries. She suffered in a classroom fight. The other student has been suspended from school. Ten-year-old Rene, right? We'll never celebrate. Another birthday the fifth grader died. Two days after a classroom. Fight on Monday. The left her with serious injuries at forced hills elementary school in South Carolina. Police report stated right was found unconscious, but breathing at the school, and she was rushed to the hospital due to the ongoing investigation and the student privacy laws. We cannot share specific details at this town today the school board, chairman addressed a roomful appearance demanding answers, but released few details about what exactly happened that is correspondent Nicki Batiste. Authorities say improvements in DNA technology, and led authorities to charge a guarantee man enough thirty five year old rape case in Hobart county. Prosecutor's office charged Joel Williams with the rape and sexual assault of a woman in nineteen Eighty-four Hobart police. Allege in an affidavit that Williams was one of three men accused of raping the victim and to other females at gunpoint. Gary police arrested Williams, two months later in two similar, rapes and alerted Hobart. Police that the Gary salts were similar to the crime committed in Hobart like county. Prosecutor Bernard Carter said the case languished until last may when his office encouraged all Lake County police departments to have old untested rape kits processed for possible DNA matches to Illinois members of the congressional delegation from the state are proposing changes they say could spell relief for property owners hurt by the GOP tax Bill of twenty seventeen the tax law now limits the deductions homeowners can take for state and local taxes often referred to as the salt deduction. Naperville. Oh, congresswoman Loren Underwood says she in downers grove, congressman, Sean Casten are proposing raising that cap from ten to fifteen thousand dollars for single filers, and Mary people filing jointly could deduct thirty thousand. I believe the tax reform middle class family. For the suburban. Cast and says he's cautiously optimistic about passage in the democratic controlled house. Not so sure of its fate in the Republican led.

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