FDA, President Trump, Dr Stephen Han discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


Fox News rundown run down. Just a couple of days before President Trump announced that convalescent plasma would be used more broadly to treat those with the virus. He blasted the FDA on Twitter, saying the deep state of the FDA is making it too difficult to test vaccines and therapeutics. And plotting to delay until after the election in November, Just days prior to that, there was a report out that some doctors at the National Institute of Health wanted to slow down on the broader use of convalescent plasma thing. That data wasn't strong enough. But Sunday afternoon, the president announced the FDA was giving an emergency use authorization for convalescent plasma TV given to patients with Cove it to deliver treatments and vaccines to save lives were moving unnecessary barriers and delays. Not by cutting corners. But by marshalling the full power of the federal government and FDA Commissioner Dr Stephen Han hinted there was no election motivated deep state delay because of the president's operation works speed. We expect to have other new results and new options reaching patients as soon as this fall operation Warp speed is supporting experimental therapeutics all the way through the manufacturing so that if they meet FDA is gold standard. For safety and efficacy, they could begin reaching patients without a day wasted Khan had set. A recent study showed convalescent plasma reduced mortality by 35%. But critics have cast doubt on that study and after he was accused of grossly exaggerating the benefits. Han admitted this week that he chose his words poorly. Study didn't have a control group Thie study, sponsored by the Mayo Clinic did find some statistically significant benefit convalescent plasma..

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