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Okay well we love you johnny you bring so much happiness to our lives we want to let you know that we love you and i can't wait to celebrate with you now who which one of your your your old cronies you bring it out to dinner tonight we we we have to we have read richard and hiram richard bell valve iran great to all right we'll see tonight a nice staten island inner for johnny tonight's have a happy birthday today okay all right thank you by the way someone sent a texas has johnny is the baddest bitch on the block that's that's a compliment okay i love you and alba she has a best that was the best in in las vegas you were vegas not new orleans where i was johnny let me guys you go right what's scary just talking about the show madman i just realized the same thing that this texture did that it's called madman because it took place on madison avenue i didn't know that that i don't think i've never made i didn't know that either for mad madison avenue men also adleman i i don't don't know know and they made it never made that connection hello jenny how are you i'm good how are you a little embarrassed to tell you why when you go back and you start watching these shows that were so huge that everyone else watched years ago and you're just now watching the people are like what you're just know seeing med mid i know i just finished i actually just finished it last night i watched the finale around eight o'clock i'm a teacher so i was off last week and i've binged the whole entire thing in in a week and a half.

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