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Everything I am paying for everything two all the sudden I no longer have all the Cinemax channels so I call and I said Hey what happened all the sudden it says I don't have this and I absolutely should I subscribe to your I have everything package well we the ad that we no longer have that too we in it now you have to pay an extra fee just for them to get the channel because again they had some sort of a disagreement with Cinemax so now I'm going through the channels a couple days ago and I land on stars uhhuh now stars is no longer there you have one stars channel not I have five stars channels but you don't but you're only receiving one now right I'm not receipt now I'm only receiving like the the Starz encore some channels the main channel it's usually got a movie I want to watch it now since I no longer subscribe to that but here's the thing my bill has not changed one bit one it's I mean that just annoys the living hell out of me yes so so the the new models the new TV's that are are starting to hit the shelves are giving you these options where you can Allah cart our card right and some of the programming is minimal you know two ninety nine a month but some of the bigger packages are as much as you know twelve ninety nine a month and I think what's happening is that as we disconnect we cut the court you know there's a lot of group they have a lot of people in our generation or younger they're around around fifty or younger that no longer have a home phone right I don't have a home phone you know I do not so but we have at all times there's a lease you know we have computers that can hook to phone lines of course we can make phone calls from the computer or out from the iPad or from your your actual cell phone but it was from our watch for from the watch so it's a it's always you know but for my mom's generation you know she was born in forty six there's no way in the world to see could operate without a phone so I could you know we had a phone from my mom all of her life but it didn't make sense try to talk her out of it and she didn't want to do it I bring all that up to say that cutting the cord and going on a car may seem like it's advantageous to the consumer because you get what you want right instead of this bundle package of programming but in the long run big cable companies or your internet service providers they will win because it does raise the price of the internet or they'll change all the app bundle it so Grammy nine you might not even and not even tell you that Hey by the way these channels are no longer available that's great then you should be lowering my bill right or or you don't my my brother called me two days ago and we were talking about the electric electricity bill at the house in a in he was trying to run these plans no one has thirteen are thirteen cents per kilowatt the other one has eleven cents per kilowatt but it has a five dollar monthly fee so we just going through a computer but it can like I can I do what Judy I love that you're breaking it down by the kilowatt well it by by the way only as you could well it's it's important because it's how we use our we set the budget for the house right so the the difference is in Houston where we live there are two competing electricity providers actually to electricity providers in our.

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