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Bring us together when we're still because if we're focused on the next move we don't have to worry about what's behind us goodyear more driven back we're live in fayetteville and joe chest tour has arrived so the everything i was just thinking yesterday. We seems like yesterday. We were sitting here together with jerry jones. We've had some great times here through the hall country we had jerry. Jones wants sitting between us. And marcus if i recall the story. Marcus mentioned something about jerry. Shoes how expensive the shoes were. And and jerry turn to him and said why gave you enough paychecks by some nice shoes too while he was looking at him. Jerry took off shades very famous day and i grabbed them them on. Now jerry worth oh please. Well i mean the cowboys are one of the most expensive franchisees in the world billions tens of billions of dollars and he looked at me like i had just wiped causing sacks account. Cross the line. W like if i was in london and i grabbed the queen's i i mean that's pretty much the equivalent it america. That's the equivalent taking jerry jones. Forty thousand dollars sunglasses would commit reaching it. Hey hey queenie you got some gum there and you'll be the hope we didn't notice he did. Jerry is going to be here tomorrow. So stephen jones so i mean this is a huge one. Listen you say what you want about a lot of different games that you can put on the schedule right. and rivalries that have been dormant. There is something about texas arkansas. That i'm not sure the rest of the nation gets and then you come here and the hogs fan the razorbacks fans racially. I believe that there is a certain generation of razorback fans that hates texas more than themselves. Well it's interesting Coach by earlier and he made he he. He alluded a statement. He made earlier this summer. That these guys texas. That's that's the biggest rival. Some fans didn't know it is. It is see what i love about the what i love about the game that we're broadcasting here. Saturday night is that it's got a lot of the past. It's got a lot of the present but it's got a very very attractive future because the past is nineteen sixty nine and winning the national championship. Richard nixon's nineteen eighty-one lou. Holtz upsetting number one texas. It's two thousand four and the presence is the anticipation of all of this right. The present is the ascension of two programs. Getting back to where they deserve to be in the future is that we're going to have tremendous sec. Rivalry the rebirth of a rivalry. And you're going to have it in the sec. So joe yes. Paul still thinking about stealing something from mcqueen which retains his sunglasses the man you also were in dunking throwing. The ball was tim. Yeah yeah he's he's part of the east part of the sec excellent I know you've been gone. You've been hanging around billionaires but we were still here. Nothing's changed for those who don't know what we're talking about. And that would include. Probably most of the audience. Joe tested tori. Who's sitting right. Here was the original host of trivia question because laura rutledge has taken over the world. Like the biggest star in all media. She's you know she. She's her own solar system personality..

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