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Mission to new Hudson and Kitchen A Kippy to Christmas Way cover snow filled days to frosty noses and whistling winds to White house were there for I screaming holiday shopping and warming your toes by the fire. We insure auto home business life, And Yep, you guessed it Farm. Yep. We covered Michigan because we're Michigan's insurance company. Find your coverage anywhere in Michigan at farm bureau insurance dot com. It's a new day. To celebrate and be free. A new day full of action and excitement. Come to storing you go indulged to your heart's content. It's a day for winning for world class, fun and food. Yes, it's a grand spectacular day to get away only at soaring eagle casino and resort. It's a new day visit. Soaring eagle casino dot com. Hey, you basketball fans. Some of us might be cheering from home this season. Maybe you've got the big TV in game time snacks, but no room to cheer. No sweat. You've got options. When you work with rocket mortgage. You see all your options right up front with down payments to closing costs. It's easy to see what fits your budget. So if you need a home big enough for your whole team rocket can get started and rocket mortgage dot com. Rocket mortgage proud. Supporter of college athletics, coffee cost information conditions causing under like that, Not if you think that I listen to her access that old over 30 30, no matter what your game is. It's on at Reno's sports bar and Grill, get again together and head to Reno's north or Reno's east and enjoy the game. What great homemade menu items while choosing from over 50 beers on tap, And if your game goes over time, the kitchen and we know stays open until 2 A.m. 365 days a year. Delegated Reno's east before sporting football and men's basketball home games and take the free shuttle to and from the game it's on at Reno's North and Reno's East. And welcome back tomorrow. The Farm Bureau Insurance Pardon.

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