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He wanted to tract just how much newfoundland was changing and whether that change was for better or worse patrika flirty was a prolific historian dispelling myths about newfoundland writing fiery columns and eventually writing stories of his own childhood in conception bay last week patrick o'flaherty drowned while swimming in a pond in kills newfoundland he was 78 years old in 1980 mr olle flirty spoke to dawn hereon host of cbc's morningside about his history book the rock observed here's part of what he said newfoundland it appears has been a hard place to write about well i'm not too many writers of have written about it in a convincing them fruitful and appealing way 140 monet did was suppose come down here and stay for a short period of time and stripmined the place what he saw or said he saw he was a people people close to the elements a primitive people being harried towards and industrial life by smallwood and that is the theme of of of uh farley modes books about infant land here is a simple people and elemental people people out of time living close to the elephants on in this country riven i don't think it's true it all know it's not true it's a very very oversimplified view of land that was patrick of liberty speaking to the cb seeing a nineteen eighty shane o'day was a former colleague of patrick of flare a day they both todd and memorial universities english department we reached mr o'day in trinity beef and land.

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