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Circle. Aren't guys? Welcome back to this show Huge thank you to match Jones again. Pick up his book Mitch. Please wait to read it. People are always asking. What are some great books to read while You are? You know where you're at in this time right now Khurana. That's a great book to pick it up so that dude As we headed to break another person who is trying to figure out lice in these times of quarantine and Sheltering in place the great actor as we said with with mansions it doesn't matter if you're a celebrity. Lots of famous people have gotten grunt though. I'm wondering how the other group of celebrities are dealing with this. Of course great actor Michael. Caine as come on the show before and is offered his tips on acting. I wonder what tips he has in terms of acting. If you are alone by yourself how do you do it is it? All soliloquies is an all monologues. We're GONNA find out. He left his voice mail. Check it out and we come and south. I said eighteen people asking me. Hey Mike okay. Autism are doing live streams on the Internet. Try to help people to have been things whatever home and they suggested. Michael can something as well. So what? I loved chipper positives. He said I will be doing some acting exercises so the non actors who are working in isolation and a lot of people asking me Michael. Why are you the person to give acting exercises the people who and I feel like should I tell you? This is the reason why because I spent a well actors who have left to be have their example. I was in the movie called victory and I had a lot of scenes. Cut Nafta that stuff still out and I'll tell you one thing when you state which she loves you so connection 'cause he is giving you nothing that's number one that's number one when you log Acta and you are you. I'm GONNA see how passionate you have to worry about yourself. Stock with everyone else to say about the scene partner. And how and how now you have to think about. Because I didn't go to my I've been go south leaving on the sheet. So tell you if he wanted all about how you know an actor I learn about acting. It's selection which again I'll use another example. I was in a movie called Christmas. Carol Humid Actors. I worked with in that movie that I worked at the title. I would puppets every single. One of them looked at all of that. I gave up getting nothing. Because not real Rod Johnson was that I loved against a shock. That shock was real. Now it wasn't about how can and I said I should. And that's why I'm gonNA teach classes while you are not selection so follow me on instagram. Zoom zoom coming out or the on twitter. Whatever the BUCK DOT as I'll be on twitch zoom or up next Hollywood locking on Michael shouldn't be teaching classes so if you make show. I expected him to insert himself as much as he could and he did not disappoint J. He he did his part as you guys have done your part. Thank you for continuing to sport the show we will continue to get. We apologize for any sound issues or connectivity issues. Were doing our best from secluded locations. We love you guys. Check out our daily podcast squad. Country the virus edition. We give a new one every single day. We're just trying to give you guys as much content as we possibly can help you get through the many many hours that we have to get through in these days. She take a walk around or as you a baby deer dishes. Whatever it takes we can get you through as you reorganize your life. Let us come to Erin to give you some joy and some on the talk about things that hopefully make you smile and make you think of a simpler time at time that we hopefully. Maybe we'll get back to the future. We love you guys. Go PUNCH OF WATER FAUCET THAN. Wash your hands Brothers were you will forgive. You will forgive each other till we both blue whistling..

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